update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to mastodon.social for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.

@Gargron Is there an easy way to find other federated nodes?


@eqdw List of other Mastodon implementations are here:


List of other fediverse / gnusocial nodes are here:


Also, heads up, a lot of people are switching to maly.io as their identity provider, because of potential discontent with mastodon.social's blocking of other instances it deems bad.

@johnhenry why maly.io. Who/what is that? And also, signups have apparently been cancelled, already.

@eqdw Haha, yeah. Basically, mastodon.social drops federation with other instances, like shitposter.club, because of perceived social justice violations. While you can export the list of people you _follow_, it's harder to export the people who follow _you_, so the more you grow a social graph here, the more you open yourself up to censorship / stifling community policies.

@eqdw You can implement the "Mastodon" UI on top of any domain you want (see instances.mastodon.xyz), so it'd be best to build your graph on something like maly.io to prevent being cut off from other networks later. I believe @puellavulnerata / @0xdeadbabe are working on an instance, so I'll probably join theirs or another ingroup members' whenever it's ready.

Definitely a huge drag on the process :(

@johnhenry I'm considering popping up my own instance tbh, but it would just be a repeat of slack so what's the point?

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