What does the make of syndication versus content negotiation when it comes to microblogging with ActivityPub? Given that I have a microblog on my personal website, should I add ActivityPub alongside RSS as another way of consuming that content, or should I cross-post to e.g. this Mastodon account, in the same way I might cross-post to Twitter? I am torn.

*tiktok meme audio voice* i don't wanna read your toots, i wanna read your blog

My latest themed attractions pops up for one weekend only, April 18-21 in Park Slope! It’s about a dog and a cat who are roommates, it’s an art show AND a little story AND a place for you to hang out with me and be cute AND I am excited to see you! variablestage.com/attractions/

Also the sequel to this spec would swap JSON for HTML and provide a new perspective on building MVC-style websites.

Basically I was excited that JSON-API was so respectful of hypermedia in theory but then underwhelmed by how little it delegated to hypermedia in practice. The popularity of GraphQL has emphasized how powerful hypermedia is (by reinventing it) but we still have this whole other thing that's more mature and deployed everywhere that I think we should use more powerfully and thoughtfully.

One of these days I want to draft a API specification that is like JSON-API (jsonapi.org) but…

- URLs are determined by resources (strictly /:type/:id)
- Relationships have required URL counterparts (i.e. /:type/:id/:relationship is a 301)
- Resource objects are less strictly defined (the nested attributes/relationships with a shared namespace thing never felt right to me)
- filter, order, and pagination schemes are MORE strictly defined (a weird oversight of the spec imo)

This nearly-five-year-old article about how the BBC’s information and frontend architecture is still foundational to my career and how I approach websites. When I get mad about Javascript, I’m thinking about this. smashingmagazine.com/2014/05/r

I gave a little talk at work today that tries to explain what ActivityPub is; I also turned that talk into a blog post! I blogged!!! johnholdun.com/articles/what-i

I did not expect TechCrunch to get this scoop, but the more I learn about the new Star Wars land at the two US Disney Parks, the more maybe excited I am to visit it. (I just can’t help thinking about it being slammed with crowds.) techcrunch.com/2019/02/27/how-

I had a sick day today so I spent some time burrowed on my sofa making some little changes to my NYC subway arrival times web app called Train Approaching. I use it almost every time I take the train. Maybe you’ll like it too! train-approaching.johnholdun.c

Please reach out if you live in the alternate universe where Anne Hathaway and Christy Carlson Romano started getting each other’s acting roles shortly after the end of Even Stevens. Thanks in advance

As much as I enjoy fussing with scratch-built CMSeses and inching toward the data-modeling-centric website builder of my dreams, it feels like maybe I should put my efforts into understanding and improving something that will actually be usable by others, especially less-technical people who I want to encourage to own their own web presences. So I think that means I should start using Wordpress.

I made a little thing on Glitch for making blackout poetry, so you can be emo on the internet faster and more efficiently blackoutpoetry.glitch.me

Every few years I think about turning half a dozen MP3 players into a fleet of Buddha Machine knockoffs to scatter around my home fm3buddhamachine.com/v2/

Fact: “Max Fill,” commonly inscribed on household appliances, is a tribute to Maximilian Fill, a young boy who put too much water in his tea kettle and cried

A teen on a bike in Washington Square Park rolled past me with his friends and smacked me in the face last night. Just held out a gloved hand and *pop*

You’re not supposed to ride bikes in that park!

My phone is getting its battery replaced in some unknown location and I feel so strange without it on my person

K. K. Slider cover of Sicko Mode poised to become my most-played track of 2019 m.soundcloud.com/notoverspace/

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