Another day, another few ticks on the “listened to Astroworld” tally

Now I’m winding down for bed by building 1:5 scale humans out of wire

I got my ActivityPub server shockingly close to working today. I can manually create accounts which are then discoverable! They can’t create statuses and their inboxes can’t receive anything yet, but it feels good! I have now also read probably 95% of Mastodon’s source code so ask me anything.

It’s interesting to watch the people that see Mastodon as an alternative or second attempt at Twitter trying to get along with the people that see Mastodon as a polished vehicle for indieweb microblogging

I literally didn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about JSON-LD

I think a card-based UI (like Tinder) would work really nicely for reading microblogs if you, like me, are me

I got really far in figuring out just what ActivityPub actually, like, is tonight and I’ve narrowed Mastodon down to about a thousand lines of relevant code! I am very tired!

I’ve spent the afternoon happily deleting code from a copy of the Mastodon repo. Just chucking whole big components away. Who needs a UI? Not me. I have not tried running this yet even once.

Just heard someone getting out of a Lyft say “Thank you, five stars to you too!” I think this is a delightful send-off we should all use in many circumstances

I am really interested in the idea of a totally static automated (read: bot) Mastodon server. If you’re building things that don’t respond to input, theoretically you just need to publish some feeds and have them show up in the right places for other services to find them. If other servers respect forward-dated timestamps by not displaying them until that time has arrived, you could even publish a nice backlog.

I fell on my bike! I’m okay but I’m pretty sure I’m developing some pretty gnarly bruises. I tried to roll up a driveway at a really tight angle and my front tire skidded on the lil metal curb. Luckily I fell onto an empty sidewalk rather than like a busy street oh no

I’m glad that Mastodon offers a native content warning feature but I don’t anticipate ever using it. I’m worrying though—at what point does my preference become hostile to the community?

Big ol BUG, the bug autocorrected me how cruel

750ml is a little more than 25oz so how did I end up with a perfect 2 ounces of bourbon at the end of this bottle

Took a walk and came home to a big ol big hanging out on the kitchen floor. My lease isn’t up for another six weeks, get outta here pal

Alternating between sitting very still and walking in circles, trying to decide how to proceed on my very behind schedule Halloween project

I was in LA last week. It was a lot of fun and I truly enjoyed the whole trip, but right now I’m really missing the Arroyo, a lavender iced latte from Civil Coffee 😨😋

Shout out to for inspiring me to buy a bike pump to inflate my probably-dangerously-empty tires

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