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If I were to start a concept instance it would be strictly for iambic octameter rhyming couplets

friendship ended with ostatus
now rss is my best friend

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Guy proposed to his gf in Turtle Talk with Crush at Disneyworld dljfalskdfjjlkadfadf

Wikipedia taking our elephant friend to the melt zone:

> The Mastodon mascot is a sitting Proboscidean using a tablet or smartphone; however, the distribution of fur is more suggestive of a woolly mammoth than the mastodon.

@tinysubversions Nice! I've been poking around the source but hadn't come up with any leads yet, so I'm glad you're ahead of me. Let me know if I can help further 👌

@tinysubversions Ack, this could be any uncaught error. This is on your instance, right? Do you have access to the logs? There's probably an exception in there that might point to a legit Mastodon bug. (I'm happy to look if you want to share!)

@cs Cool! I wanted to keep this as general as I could with regards to OStatus (at least in theory), but that's a very handy change! I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks ☺️

I wrote a Ruby script that takes a Mastodon toot permalink and generates a one-line plain-text output, for added convenience when sharing the good toots in your IRC channel:

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My birthday is tomorrow, holy shit
It's going down tomorrow ? Who y'all got
Just got into a random laughing fit
I sat in jail and thought about a lot

@casey @tinysubversions Don't worry, your attendance is in my rider. (My rider is a decent facsimile of Kanye's rider, but I add my own flavor and replace all the N words)

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one day @johnholdun and I will duet some rap karaoke and you'll all be transported to a world of disbelief

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You can add GY!BE to any old man talking and it immediately works

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So now that you're using Keybase to sign and validate your identity (à la, I've whipped up a couple of macOS Services with Automator to make this a bit easier.

A Keybase Sign and Keybase Verify Service are both available in my Keybase public folder:

Services are contextual menu items that allow you to to do some action. Here's a gif of the signing service in action.

@deathmtn I believe that was referring to Puma workers, which are just separate Ruby processes sharing responsibility for incoming server requests

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Scuttlebutt, a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer, secure social network:

wooaah give it a read! kind of technical, highly fascinating. as long as we're having meta social network discourse here \o/

I don’t understand the existence of a public timeline and I cannot imagine ever looking at it?