I think I can pretty easily stop posting to Twitter/Instagram but I’d really miss reading stuff from specific people that just doesn’t exist anywhere else. If I take advantage of the fact that these networks _sort of_ exist on the open web to build an anonymous read-only aggregator, does that undermine my ethical reasons for closing my accounts?

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is listening to the latest episode of _Till Death Do Us Blart_, a podcast about PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2 recorded once a year for the rest of linear time. tilldeathdousblart.com

Working from home in bed, pretending I’m in the Party for One video. Gonna Postmates some shoes later.

I’m closing my Drip at the end of the month (which was the first month of my Drip). I hope the new XOXO thing is good, but I’m not interested in waiting around to find out, so I’m just gonna be a good old indie blogger again! d.rip/john/posts/rip-drip-i1rf

I wrote a little bit about Limetown because I relistened to the first season in advance of season 2 coming next week

I love this spooky short story: scaryforkids.com/keyhole/

I’ve realized that the scariest part of it to me is the feeling of thinking back on a moment of intimacy which, in the moment, I was completely oblivious to. Oh no

I am nervous about the amount of work I want to do before Halloween 👻

Day 12 of and I’m not sure how much longer I can last. How are the rest of you doing?

Someday I will write an essay about how web products are better—to use, to develop, to maintain—when they respect that the web is a mechanism for delivering documents. The closest I’ve gotten is this script for a little talk I gave at work, but I don’t know how to turn this into something persuasive! johnholdun.com/wardrobe/stimul

Spent the morning listening to Broadback on repeat and getting a lil weepy imagining the backstory of the characters in the song. The worldbuilding on Baths’s latest album is immense. song.link/i/1261428130

Tried to plug a Lightning cable into a drinking glass. Didn’t work.

I wrote an article about why I'm excited for a flourishing of vastly different decentralized social networks that can all (kind of) talk to each other.


Here’s a long explanation of this year’s Halloween project and how it relates to previous years’. If you want to watch me put it all together this month, you’ll need to sign up for my Drip 😎💦 d.rip/john/posts/RHJvcFBvc3QtN

Today is an exciting day! If you enjoy my theme park endeavors and want to support my ongoing work in this space and maybe even influence it, you can now subscribe to me on Drip! Subscriptions start at $1/month, and if you sign up any time in Spooky Month you’ll be listed as a Founding Member, which will entitle you to some exclusive stuff in the future! Check it out and watch this video of me telling you about wtf I’m doing! I had to record it so many times! d.rip/john

This essay about selfie playgrounds is brutal and I’m very into it. I love these sorts of things but I’m realizing that the glut in the last couple years has been destroying the genre. nytimes.com/2018/09/26/arts/co

Finally listened to the Mastodon episode of Too Much Not Enough and it got me real excited for ActivityPub all over again. toomuchnotenough.site/episodes

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