I gave a little talk at work today that tries to explain what ActivityPub is; I also turned that talk into a blog post! I blogged!!!

@johnholdun really like this little article, I will keep it as a resource to send folks. Only complaint is that your example of @pixelfed is not (not yet at-least) accurate. You can currently only see local pixelfed photos per instance, as there is no internal federation support yet. You can indeed see and interact with pixelfed images in mastodon and pleroma and misskey etc but not the other way around.

@liaizon @pixelfed Ah, thanks for the clarification! I admit I haven’t actually used many ActivityPub implementations, so when I ventured into examples here I was speaking more hypothetically. Still, worth noting in the piece!

@johnholdun @pixelfed your example is certainly the goal but just not the current reality... All the different AP things can talk to each other (a little) but the functionality of those things are severely limited at the moment. Though this is all moving quite fast so you never know your article could be the reality of the situation in a matter of weeks or months...

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