Read: The Family Chao by Lan Samantha Chang ★★★★★ 📚
Really loved this engaging & exciting book. Set in a Midwest family run Chinese restaurant using The Brothers Karamazov as a template in a brilliant way. Food to die for, familial murder, racism & the American dream.

Liked The Conditional Orchestra
Using current weather conditions The Conditional Orchestra generates unique compositions for your listening pleasure.
HT @jenett

“Prince Harry Talks About ‘Global Assault On Democracy’ In Emotional UN Address”

Prince … Talks About ‘Global Assault On Democracy’

Prince … Democracy


#monarchy #democracy

Well this is interesting & nostalgic WyldCard and HyperCard clone!

Read: Facebook has started to encrypt links to counter privacy-improving URL Stripping – gHacks Tech News:

It has been a few years since I walked to The Whangie, it got to busy for me as lockdown eased. Glad daughter took me today. Lots of flora, a few birds & a nice lizard on the carpark wall. A few more photos on Flickr:

Meadow Brown & Small Tortoiseshell:
Had a short walk by Jaw Reservoir, yesterday. Quite a few butterflies about. These posed. A lot of ringlets, a few whites and a red admiral didn't.

Link: The week the open web won
Terrific article by Heather Burns, and more incontrovertible proof why blogging at your own home on the web is important:

So to me, this blog represents the original promise of the open web.

The one that’s here, and still is here, and always has been h...

Meadow Brown butterfly, wings closed on yarrow flower. Barassie Beach. Several other species in the dunes, failed to get photos of any.

gird of photos round a map showing where they were taken. Flor from Kilpatric braes. Bell Heather, stonewort, gypsyweed, a blaeberry, ladies bedstraw, hawkweed, wild sage & yarrow
Kilpatrick Muir Flora, walk this afternoon, overcast warm with a breeze. Quite a lot of ringlets fluttering.

A tiny thought on the current uk news. It worries me they way politicians use Twitter to post letters of resignation & the like. Trusting Twitter with something so important seems like a mistake. Surly they should post somewhere they control & forward to Twitter

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