So I am thinking now that people can mention me @adamprocter on Mastodon and ill see that reply on but am crossing posting into Mastodon as @adamprocter

@jgmac1106 @dajbelshaw Either of you know about looks like it might run on a raspberry pi might be handy re " I’ve noticed people setting up an instance just for themselves." Doug? I am resisting burning up my October Week holiday...

I’ve listened to the odd episode of Timothy Ferriss’s podcast as it is often recommended. I’ve never particularly enjoyed them. This post by Heather Havrilesky There Are Too Many Gurus in America
explains why.

Over 1 million Webmentions can’t be wrong. Join the next revolution in web communication. Add the Webmentions standard to your website to solve the biggest communications problem on today’s internet and add rich context to your content.

My class and I have been having lots of fun with a raspberry pi, mynaturewatch camera

And some notes:

This is a raspberry pi project for the faint-hearted. Really straightforward

Jay feather taken with my new close peg 'macro' lens. £1.99 from eBay including P&P HT @daibarnes on instagram. It came with a fisheye and wide angle too!

run by @nlafferty & @Patlockley on Twitter was inspiring, 12 hours of organised in EDU tweets. Starting holidays head a buzz, best fun I've had on Twitter for a while. Much better use of twitter than news feed. Blog posts popping up archiving presentations too.

My tuppence worth:

“They see you when you’re sleeping, they know when you’re awake” #bigdata #surveillancecapitalism

Think that made me happiest today😀 . I finally tried getting rid of pinterest results in searching.

Search Term -site:pinterest.*

did the trick (pinterest has multiple domains). This at school where search is google. I've switched to duckduckgo at home and don't see pinterest.

just found by @me which looks interesting:
"Bridgy Fed lets you interact with federated social networks like Mastodon and Hubzilla from your IndieWeb site"
Looks like it will not be one click to install, so I might wait and think a bit...

this is now up and running on feel free to try it out!

Fascinating blog and YouTube channel on raspberry pi, hardware and bitcoin might interest

I’ve been playing with automatically combining, layering & merging images recently with some rough rules. Mostly from the same walk and in order taken. They seem interesting to me. Perhaps, taken in series giving an ‘impression’.

Just downloaded >900 audioboom MP3s tagged & related info now just need to figure out how to get them on the Edutalk WordPress site replacing posts that embedded the boos. Feeling a bit better now about audiobooms removal of free podcasting

Just got an email from mastodon. Reminded me I'd not been here for a while. I've been mostly paying attention to over the summer. Think I need an app rather than depending on browser. Wonder what the best app for iOS would be?

@johnjohnston yes! we're actually planning to work on this soon. details in , maybe eventually as . first step will probably be add ActivityStreams 2 support to .

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