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John Johnston @johnjohnston

@jamesmichie JSON Feed is interesting, and perhaps easy. I recall spending way too long messing about with xml & rss in the past. If JSON feeds get a wide uptake it could open things up for folk like myself to play with in simple ways. Probably needs to get into WordPress core rather than a plugin for wider adoption.

Help, updated to 4.7.5 and my menus have got weird, titles now ellipse or category description! Can’t fix by editing.

@lauraritchie @dajbelshaw In Scotland we now have the right to roam, basically go almost anywhere as long as you do no damage.

Wondering of there could be support in mastadon? even it the same way bridgy added it to twitter? Still figuring out various things on my blog and

@jamesmichie here is a post that shows how, I've not tested, needs a bit of command line to get it going:

wee bit of silly fun from the weekend: riffing on the oblique strategies using Bill Smith's photo set: another way to solve a creative impass;-)

just as I start to get re-interested in mastadon up pops given this give the opportunity to do the thing, is in fast chasing beta and I can tinker ineffectively with the backend of WordPress it is very compelling.

@jamesmichie if you are running out of blade runner this is a lovely Instagram account "Dedicated to finding reality that looks like ."

@lauraritchie @dajbelshaw I love seeing the possibilities of a new bit of social tech the possibilities opening up. Keep our glasses topped up.

figured out how to follow for on other instances of mastodon, after reading @dajbelshaw 's post.

Might give tooting another shot.
Waiting for a twitter replacement for ages then 2 come along ( the other one I am kicking at the mo)

looking into mastodon again after seeing ref in @Downes post. looking for folk with
some errors...