I joined mastodon.social 4 years ago and never used it. Now I'm going to forward my account to fosstodon.org

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Oh yeah, and don't join mastodon.social :)

It's easy to switch instances if you don't like where you've landed, but I definitely encourage you to avoid centralizing on the decentralized network!!! Go where your friends are

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As we are a #FOSS community, I thought it would be a good idea to ask: Who is #hiring?

Looking for a new challenge.

I am really good at:

- #infosec marketing
- #technicalwriting
- #marketing
- #infosec
- #scripting (#python)

Hoping to bypass the HR filter. If you are #recruiting at a humane company that respects & values employees, please reach out!


(++ to anyone who picks up on my good/excessive hashtag usage)

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By way of #introduction, I'm a #fedora #linux #opensource fellow who works at #aws and used to work at #redhat. I have #MultipleMyeloma #cancer. I'm an ethical #hunter and a #classiccar collector, mainly #Mustang. Throw a follow my way if you like!

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An Elon-led Twitter will lead to its ruin and the poisoning of public discourse. Elon is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the American system.

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who called them crypto-scammers instead of ape-pics predators.

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Hi Mastodon! Good to meet you.

I'm Adam Lee. I'm a columnist for OnlySky Media, a new site by and for America's rising nonreligious population.

Almost one-third of Americans are secular, and our numbers are growing year by year. As a group, nonbelievers are overwhelmingly progressive. But because we aren't organized like churches are, our perspective is often overlooked. OnlySky exists to give this community a voice. If this aligns with your philosophy, I hope you'll join us there!

On OnlySky, I write about the benefits of a humanist life and the harms of religious fundamentalism. I also discuss secular morality, cool science and other geeky stuff, hopeful news on climate change, and the revolutionary power of optimism. I've also written books, most recently "Commonwealth: A Novel of Utopia," about a secret conspiracy to save the world from the ravages of unchecked capitalism. Free to read!

#introduction #atheism #secular #humanism #books #science #optimism

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On the difference between Mastodon and Fediverse!

Mastodon is an open source social media platform that anyone can install and run on their own server to host their own communities like .art.

Fediverse is a contraction of Federated Universe. This is used as a catch-all term to include sites running software that can federate (communicate). They usually all run a thing called ActivityPub, which is the magic that lets them talk to each other.


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Whereas Mastodon is a social media / microblogging platform, there are other federated sites that offer different uses.

#PeerTube: like YouTube, an open source replacement for video hosting
#FunkWhale: Like SoundCloud, for music
#Bookwyrm: Like Goodreads
#Pixelfed: like Instagram, offers image galleries

All of these, including Masto, can talk to each other - so you can create an account on a Bookwyrm instance to keep track of your reading, and people on Masto can follow it! 🤯

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Everybody knows crypto is a Ponzi. But that won't cause prices to collapse completely until people think other people also think it's a scam. This is the most bizarre episode of "common knowledge" we've ever seen.

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Great 🧵 on recent findings on hepatitis outbreaks in children and the possible links to COVID

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Just a bit of reflection on the reporting of fulminant hepatitis in the UK- both in the media, and the recent UKHSA report. I think we need a critical analysis of some of the rhetoric that has been floated around this. Some of the reporting on this seems quite biased. 🧵

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The "I don't care about the attempted coup of our country" and "hahaha Twitter is finally gonna be a free speech zone" Venn diagram is a perfect circle.

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Mastodon DMs (Direct Messages) are not stored in a end-to-end encrypted fashion so if you need to have a conversation where you need to ensure a higher level of security, please move the conversation to an actual end-to-end messaging system like Signal.

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Is there anything that we can do in @democracy.town in order to make it better? I mean, we could use the democracy inclined community to take decisions. Or is my way of thinking wrong? #introduction

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Also a lot of folks with their Mastodon handler in the Bird App bios...

After Musk's Twitter takeover, an open-source alternative Mastoson is 'exploding' engadget.com/twitter-alternati via @engadget

@molly0xfff welcome :)

(This is a long-dormant account I just started using this week)

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We're observing an influx of approx. 41,287 users to the network today

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the funny part is just a year ago Jerry West loudly complained about a lack of front office access and I got the impression the Lakers couldn't rid themselves of his shadow fast enough

Now Lakers fans are up in arms because a TeeVee show was insufficiently worshipful?

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Jerry West is ready to take his issues with Winning Time “all the way to the Supreme Court” latimes.com/sports/story/2022-

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