I'm all on board with a Princess Bride remake, but if they cast Dwayne Johnson as Fezzik I'm out. There's only so far I can bend.

Major Charles Ingram: Leave
Audience: *COUGH*
Major Charlies Ingram: ... or remain? I wonder. The options are to remain [long silent pause] or to leave.
Audience: *COUGH*
Major Charles Ingram: I'm going to leave, Chris.

Frodo - Leave
Sam - Leave
Merry and Pippin (FOTR) - Leave
Merry and Pippin (ROTK) - Remain
Aragorn - Leave
Boromir - Remain
Legolas - Remain
Gimli - spoiled his ballot by writing "AND MY AXE" in crayon
Gandalf -
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Rorschach - Leave
Comedian - Leave
Ozymandias - Leave
Dr Manhatten - Foolish humans
Silk Spectre - Liberal leave
Nite Owl - Remain twitter.com/michaelglasper/sta

Content warning: this also features an HR Manager who pronounces "H" as "haitch", which is empirically the worst thing that has ever happened, and is currently making me viscerally angry on a train station platform.
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Having 'The Talk' with your kids, surviving sand, motorbike treachery, squashed cows, Twix wrapper wrongdoings, Russell Brand... all can be found within the NEW Do The Right Thing with the spโ€ฆ

brb, just creating a throwaway account to repeatedly @ nonsense at myself until all the likes and RTs disappear below the fold.

I'm very mentally healthy.

This clearly came across as clumsily hetero-normative, which wasn't my intent at all. Now I feel sad.
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@GuiltFemPod @gracepetrie Please cast @Steveali_ as Grace's Crush. No particular reason, I just really like his voice.

In the light of the farcical Luxembourg press conference, the cafe next door to my work have renamed their roasted chicken panini "The Full Boris", and it's a little ray of joy in unrelenting world.

Yeah, this was probably the right decision. I'm not interested in the inevitable subsequent pile-on, but his comments were pretty indefensible.
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Richard M. Stallman has resigned as FSF president and from the board of directors: fsf.org/news/richard-m-stallma

Excellent. I see "Forgive Me, Mother" from @lazysusan@twitter.com is coming to @nextupcomedy@twitter.com . I missed it in Edinburgh.

Oh @IamHappyToast@twitter.com I love you so much you preposterously talented bastard.
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Bor@IamHappyToast@twitter.com break free of the EU like the Incredible Hulk" so a sad man, walking alone down a street to a heartbreaking theme tune, unable to talk to anyone because of his anger issues and terrible life choices.

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