Shame on all 322 of them. Absolutely unforgivable. @GavinWilliamson @vickyford if you had any human decency you would both immediately resign and walk the streets in sackcloth and ashes begging our forgiveness.
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Education MPs who voted 'NO' to feeding children living in , during a global ๐ŸŒ pandemic.

@GavinWilliamson - Our leader...
@NickGibbUK - School Standards
@michelledonelan - Universities

OMG I ... I ... *gulps back mouthvomit* I AGREE WITH NIGEL FARAGE!

WTF is happening

help me
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If the government can subsidise Eat Out to Help Out, not being seen to give poor kids lunch in the school holidays looks mean and is wrong.

Absolute shower of greedy, selfish shameless cunts. Honestly, I can't get my head around the brazen unapologetic dickbaggery. It's staggering.

Yeah baby! *Frantically Googles "synonyms for massive + synonyms for teeth"*
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You Asked - ITS BACK! Saturday Night Live At The Stand (Sat 24th Oct) 8:30pm with host @marknelsoncomic & Al & sets from @Comedyfox @suziemo @Chris__Forbes @RyanCullen90 & @fredmacaulay FREE via YouTube here Set Your Reminder

People with similar names who cause confusion in news stories when I mentally picture the wrong one first:
Bill Barr / Bill Burr
Michael Sheen / Martin Sheen
Ranulph Fiennes / Rafe Spall
and of course Laura Ingraham / @LeiLauraLei

I'll tell you, 6music. Matt Everitt gamely attempting to do the music news while a small child makes that absolutely impossible. That's what. Absolutely magnificent.
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Whatโ€™s bringing you a little bit of joy at the moment?

๐Ÿ“ป The delightful Jodie Whittaker joins Shaun this afternoon before 4pm to answer this very Q in his new All The Small Things segment. Listen live or rewind with @BBCSounds for 30 days.

Seriously, what the hell is "cyber"? It's worrying me that I don't know the answer, because I think I may have had a 20-year career in it.
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That Fatima ad appears to be from a 2019 campaign, aimed at adults and kids and not specifically aimed at people working in the arts.
This government are contemptible but being angry at stuff they haven't done doesn't help.


OK, so,
1. That ad is from a campaign last year, before the (TM). Which, if you think about it, is even more depressing.
2. WTF is "cyber"? Do I work in "cyber"? I think I might do.

There is no greater or more merciless insight into your own parenting style than to overhear your child pretending to be a parent to her dolls. Ouch. She's absolutely got me bang to rights. Flawless impression.

Fucking hell, Graham, you're going to cost me fortune today.
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Right. I've had it with this bullshit now. NEW PLAN: Every time a TERF drops into my mentions with their cruel, poisonous bullshit, I am going to donate to a random trans/nb person's GoFundMe. Today's lucky winner is @longbeelad. So come at me, terfs. Let me drink your hatred.

What a brave and principled stance for glinner to take. It must have hit him hard, having to turn down all those many, many Channel 4 contracts that he was constantly being offered.
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Graham Linehan says he won't work for Channel 4 until they reinstate transphobic IT Crowd episode

I don't know how to textually represent an incoherent scream of rapture and delight, but however it's spelled: that.
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This isn't just a staged reading: it's a call to action. The comes to HBO Max on October 15, in partnership with @WhenWeAllVote.

Wow. This is ... quite something. Incredible stuff.
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Last nights show was pretty special. We went from relapse, to suicide, friendship and then a lot of songs from the cast of Eastenders.

Trigger warning - the first 40 minutes is VERY honest about drugs and suicide.

Jesus everloving Christ in party frock, it's hard to find the mental energy to even pull your pants on in the morning right now, isn't it? Fucking hell I'm sad and scared. Wonder if I can get away with taking a very early lunch break to hide under my duvet for an hour, eating Pringles.

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