I am an old man and I don't know what a Little Mix is, but I hero-worship @NimkoAli@twitter.com with a Wayne's World level of absolute devotion, and I love this.
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I am in a music video with other incredible women. Yes me. Love @littlemix and the game changing stuff they are doing. twitter.com/LittleMix/status/1

The new oneplus flagship phone is called the Thunder Purple. Somebody was paid real actual money to make that decision. I, on the other hand, am not currently employed as a marketing strategist.

I do not understand the world.


Herring is a cutting-edge pioneer, redefining what a podcast can be. There's literally nobody else in the world doing stuff like this.
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Richard Herring has launched his most obscure podcast series yet (we did try to stop him, but he's determined to clear a rocky field!) ... Stone Clearing With Richard Herring: bit.ly/2OAxsui

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Today I saw a man wearing a MAGA hat. IN SCOTLAND. I don't think he was doing so ironically.
I have so many questions.
Q1: Why?
Q2: For the love of Zeus, WHY?
Q3: Where do you even get those? I presume he had to order it specially.
Q4: How the fuck do you ever acquire that level of blistering confidence? I don't know if you're aware, pal, but Scotland is not a huge fan of The Donald.
Q5: What if that guy was not a visiting American lunatic, but was actually a resident Scot? HOW? WHAT? WHY? halp

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I mean, I'd already dug myself in far too deeply in that conversation. There's nothing like a conversation with an inquisitive child to make you realise how little grasp you actually have on concepts you had previously thought yourself pretty confident with.

Me, trying to explain Pi to my 5-year-old: So, because Pi goes on forever, every other number you can think of is inside Pi somewhere.
The child: Hmm. So, is Pi inside Pi?
Me: Omg that's the best question I've ever heard.

I'm so glad @NicoleAMaines@twitter.com is on Supergirl. The moment when Nia tells James Olsen "I am a transgender woman" is a really big deal. I wish it wasn't, but it really really is.
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Time to stand up for what's right. Stream for free on The CW: go.cwtv.com/SPGPremieretw

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