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i was actually originally in naruto but i got written out because i won fights in one frame

mycat stole my ramen so i named him noodle thief.... i have tOo mUch Power and i cannot be Stopped

I like how there’s no option to retoot with commentary so it’s just up to God to decide whether I’m retooling things ironically or not

yeah um i know run amirite....let's go sasuke.....big explosion jutsu.....

my cat: pees on my backpack

Everythings disposable
You cant let urself be vulnerable! Then u just get hurt!
So when they do u have to throw them away like latex gloves n put on a new pair
Im disposable too
People will throw u away like fucking Nothing all u can do is get used to it
suck it up buttercup
Life hurts

the mona lisa was actually a photoshoot for a new skyrim advert

*picks my nose then sticks my booger covered finger down your throat, fingering you uvula* do you like that babii

in honor of the new broly movie, i want him to destroy my insides

whenever i feel stupid i just remind myself i have a higher iq than any sim

I can't believe u just stole this toot out of my brain

Smash 😤 💯 that retoot 👇 button if u think mr. mime 🤡 has a juicy ass 👅 👀 😩 💦 🌈

one (nothing wrong with me) two (kinda gotta pee) three (pee running down my knee) four (somebody kill me)

Oh? And one more thing? Mr. Mime? Yeah he's a lesbian.

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