So I'm stuck in Miami until monday, and I don't know anyone here.

If you were asked to teach a 5 hour workshop for some mostly non-technical teenage girls, on infosec, what would that program look like? I'm thinking start with some lockpicking, segue in to "and that's how everything is insecure", and at the end have them all have 2FA & a password manager on all their stuff

@gewt don't apologize *hug* you got a lot of people that care about you

@Gargron just a heads up that the nazis have arrived. Weev showed up under his old twitter handle of rabite

One problem with new platforms is all the old nazis and other assorted pieces of shit that have been shown the door turn up again

@nolan aww man, but I only use the internet to engage with brands :( What now?

@kevin_redacted @nite0wl I'm lazy, is there a way for the flagship to defederate nazi-friendly instances?

@munin Right, like I'm going to trust someone who the media described as "a hacker named Munin"

I know how this is gonna go, infosec is going to start running their own federated servers & those are probably a trap


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