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We live in a decaying death machine, held up by living beings.

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Writing, audience 

A lot of writing is purposely taught with a mindset that devalues the audience.

Subheadlines, tl:dr, the dreaded five paragraph essay format, and so on only exist thanks to the default assumption that readers are easily bored.

Too much writing advice and technique is patronizing elitism from the author to the audience.

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My writing style is whatever will make a LinkedIn user shuffle uncomfortably in their chair while reading.

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Book review, self promotion, against creativity 

A new book review is up on my website! Oli Mould's "Against Creativity"

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If you want any "Captain America is a class traitor" or "Jeff Bezos kills poor people for profit" stickers let me know! I'll mail as many as you want. Would love to have them up in other cities.

anyone who has ever asked me to put Nirvana on at work is now barred for life. get wise. make good choices.

Pretty sure there's a conspiracy to create a barrier to entry between women and men's clothing. Buttons are on different sides? No pockets? Wtf?

This is literally what DC protests are doing. Most of them have the phrase on their graphics.

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Protest groups really out here gulping the state narrative and licking the boot for respect by labeling themselves "peaceful protests."

whiteness, as an idea and a culture, can just die. It can wither away and in its wake will bloom an actual appreciation for and of other cultures. because the one thing whiteness is, is fear. when we're calling for #whitegenocide we're not calling for the establishment of an ethnostate, or a new racial hierarchy, we're aiming to destroy the hierarchy. Destroy your own whiteness.

Please boost, abuse mention. 

Please help my friend escape her abusive parents. Please consider donating to help her pay for necessary costs of living that will arise after she leaves:

And please, please boost.

they told me as a kid that living in a capitalist democracy would ensure I had lots of exciting choices to make, but, funnily enough, it turns out that was a lie. like even if you aren't disabled in the brainplace: wanna not get paid enough at McDonalds or at Claire's? wanna stay in the shitty apartment with your abusive partner or become unhoused? love these choices we get to make

what if I had A Job, Any Job that, for 20 hours a week, ensured I could choose to be an artist in my free time

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#TIL about this:

<< An unprecedented court settlement guaranteed reparations to the #Ashaninka people of the state of Acre, in the Brazilian #Amazon, whose lands were deforested in the 1980s to supply the European furniture industry. The logging company penalized was owned by the family of the current governor of Acre, Gladson Cameli.
The conflict was resolved through mediation from the Prosecutor General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, after the case had circulated in the courts with no resolution for 20 years.
The #indigenous people only agreed with the negotiation because it included an official apology and a recognition of their “enormous importance as guardians” of the Amazon.>>


writing, covid, personal 

Covid and quarantine has been a depressing time for writing. Wrote this late a few nights ago after coming up with most of it in my head during the shower. 😂

You gotta love* whenever capitalist officials gut or severely curtail any social program whatsoever on the grounds that "if people get used to getting resources from the state, they won't want to work." Jackass, they're still going to be fucking spending money, even if they did nothing but sit around and spend, they would still be driving that precious economy you're always on about. Of course, all this just from me remembering some anus said this about a cut to aid to caregivers. Fun.


TIL the U.S. poverty rate actually went down despite jobless claims being in the tens of millions because of the extra 600 dollars a week that was being given out. But thankfully that decent and surprisingly useful bill that was passed by the democrats will come to an end on July 31st because dammit we just can't have people living better lives in this country! That would be madness.

legalize graffiti for ppl other than banksy

I can’t believe “Ronald Reagan was a malicious shit demon” is somehow still a controversial position.

how many Fucking times do i have to remove capitalized god from my autocorrect for google to let me type it without the capital jesus fucking christ

Turns out American exceptionalism means we suck exceptionally bad

remember when every 12 months there'd be a new popular torrent client and everyone would be saying "oh no, get that one, that's the new cool good one, not only is it leaner and faster, it'll never screw your over" and 12 months later a new update would come out for it which would add a bunch of ads and toolbars and start spying on you. and then someone would point you to a newer torrent client and say "oh no, get that one, that's the new cool good one, not only is it leaner and faster, it'll n--

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where can I get one of these machines that kill fascists

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