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The real artists are the people going about their lives.

Artists literally appropriate the lives of the working class for their own profit.

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Work ethic?

You mean your souped-up stockholm syndrome toward your own exploitation?

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Music hot take 

"Club Tropicana" by Wham! is communist propaganda

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My writing style is whatever will make a LinkedIn user shuffle uncomfortably in their chair while reading.

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Book review, self promotion, against creativity 

A new book review is up on my website! Oli Mould's "Against Creativity"

My leftist journey, apparently:

Red Alert 2 > "I wonder if there are books about these guys?" > teenage leninist > sorta awkwardly centrist/socdem early 20s > reading additional books > anarcho, but with good taste in uniforms.

Pro trans propaganda or, as it could also be referred to, facts.

This site is very useful for educational purposes.

"This website is a collection of the best digital piracy resources. This will help you get started on your pirate voyage.

Repo mirrors:

maximousblk/piracy@github - official

Website mirrors: - official

Thinking about the crossover potential here... Hillary, RBG, the protagonist of Raw (2016), Freud’s mother... all coming together like the avengers

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The idea of death runs so counter to the capitalist idea of endless consumption, constant attempts to maintain some extremely brief window of time when you feel in line with society (which by design always comes up short), that it absolutely must attempt to exorcise the specter of death. To admit death is to admit that there is some force greater than the market, something which consumption cannot solve.

not a cell phone in sight. just ppl living in the moment


Bacon and avocado toast with the girl!

Never in western culture has mourning been stigmatised, or grief been pathologised, like they currently are today. Sovereignty is asserted through killing, but this is no longer carried out as a spectacle. Instead, death is occluded. People who should be killed have been replaced by lives that are expendable. Hence why there has been no grieving, or indeed no real acknowledgement, of those who have died of covid. The overwhelming capitalist pressure is to ignore death completely

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I cannot imagine a more quintessentially western late capitalist belief, than the idea that it is unhealthy to think about death

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Are you posting for your audience or posting for you? You'll climb up out of those rookie numbers if you stop focusing on the numbers and start focusing on bringing your authentic self to the table.

Unless you are a vindictive pernicious troll, then maybe just stop doing that.

Twitter, capitalism 

Damn never thought about it like that

"you just decided you're nonbinary because its a fad" yes??? we're abolishing gender mate, get with the program

Instance moving 

Ok, hopefully I'll be moving over to today or so.

US prisoners are eligible for that $1200 stimulus package. They need to sign these forms and have them turned in by Oct 15.


Dudes talk about awakening "something deep inside them" and its never their prostate and that's why we won't have a revolution

Gosh, is it " is bad" season again already? This year really has flown by.

there's a few accounts on here that are alright but have generic anime girl waifu avi's, and every time i see them i almost block them or dunk on them on reflex

while you are busy 'having discourse', i am simply 'having intercourse' with yer mum

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