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If you want any "Captain America is a class traitor" stickers let me know! I'll mail as many as you want. Would love to have them up in other cities.

going into emotional labor. giving emotional birth to a small feeling that will some day grow into a beautiful & strong big mood

pros of light rail: energy and maintenance efficient, high capacity

cons: the way my heart breaks a little when the train leaves right as i get to the platform

None of my life fits on facebook's lens. None of it. It never did. Bad fit uninstall, undo, throw away

i was a very, very picky eater for years. getting over that was long, painful, and difficult but ultimately one of the most rewarding thing i ever accomplished

accepting my queerness and sexuality feels very much like that, in that getting over it was been long, painful, and difficult. I'm still in the midst of it now, but im starting to feel like its surmountable. and that feels good

Only debate for your right to exist with your $5+ Patreon tiers.

"god, you even look like you were born in the suburbs"

It's hard being cis-gendered. But I let my haters be my motivators y'know?

Self promotion, newsletter, serial killers 

So basically, life fucks but not in a positive way

We also shouldn't push back against conservative ruling parties like we do to fascist ones. Different scenarios require different tactics, depending on the context.

Conservatives are not inherentlty fascists. Sometimes they masquerade as conservatives, but the implications of conservative ruling party is different from those of a fascist regime.

Unpopular opinion: we should still be careful in broadening "fascist" to mean everything that we don't agree with. Something can be bad without having to be fascist.

im seeing a post going around that says "stupidity isnt a real thing" and some of you are clearly not in a profession where you have to deal with gamers

having a conversation with me is so fucked up. im such a wild card, you never know when i might say some shit like "i disagree"

Instead of being the violent leftist's fantasy Centrists believe it to be, what Joker (2019) is is a leftist's worst nightmare: without strategic thinkers and proper organization, anti-establishment sentiments can be hijacked by unhinged extremists and become a terrorist organization, instead of a revolution, which is something that has to be avoided.

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