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If you want any "Captain America is a class traitor" stickers let me know! I'll mail as many as you want. Would love to have them up in other cities.

Let's get real for a sec, though.

It's hard out there. The folks in charge want you to believe that there's only one way to look hot, that there's only one flavor of culturally approved sensuality, and that any deviance from this mean is a novelty at best and a scourge at worst.

But there's a huge vanguard of queer creators pushing back against this, creating sexy, fantastic and emotionally real work that even the most rainbow-branded corporate interests wouldn't touch.

YouTube really does just start to warp your mind like Warhammer chaos magic after a while.

Desiring the impossible vs failing to achieve the possible.

im gonna shoot mickey mouse with a gun and then well see whose laughing

@johnpierremaeli It was very much a big exercise in heteronormative society engaging in aesthetics while saying "haha no homo tho."

In Catalonia & the rest of the world, the police are the reactionary force of the State against the people. It doesn’t matter if you’re non-violent, if you’re just standing on the sidewalk, or more energetically engaged in protest.

CW: Police brutality

@johnpierremaeli As far as I know, it has been completely forgotten in the absence of annoying contest shows and marketing pushes using it.

Someone just referred to a crop top as a "midriff top"

remember when metrosexual was this whole trend and we had to hear people say it all the time

"In today's news: four have died in a Thank You fight."

I didn't have to know anything about "Greek culture" to know that's it's white college student trash.

Everything is a metaphor if you don't think about it

Both of these questions would be much more interesting if football didn't exist.

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