The DC mayor had "Black Lives Matter" painted onto 16th St behind the White House this morning. Street signs are also switched out ones that say "Black Lives Matter."

Although performative, this is gonna piss off a lot of gov officials, politicians, tourists, and trumpers.

Now that I think about it, this BLM street mural is interesting in a city so heavily professionalized and "careerist." There's no many street murals, even less so ones that are obviously political.

This and other nonviolent means are the way to protest. If you're not attacking and the police respond to peaceful efforts with force, that's how you get and keep the moral high ground.

@Ent @johnpierremaeli Yeah, you are right! Exactly this kind of protests ended slavery, segregation and nazi germany.

Segregation it did. Nice job pulling out Godwin's law so quickly, I'm impressed.

@Ent @johnpierremaeli Just one counterexample... no, wait, segregation did not end without force. Do look into history for the end of nazi germany. This example is correct and by chance complies godwin's law.

@Ent @johnpierremaeli High morals do nothing if you are dead with high morals.

@johnpierremaeli It's going to piss off one very specific person. Which is why the mayor did it.

I don't know much about DC politics, but from reading about this today it seems that she is trying to make a hard point to the President about who runs the city outside of the White House fence.

@johnpierremaeli The street has also been renamed.

A bold move. I couldn't approve more.
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