in all honesty the reason why i think mastodon works is that it kinda just feels like a group chat with 1,000 of my closest pals

Personal, writing 

Personal, writing 

I just double-checked and it appears that Margaret Thatcher is still dead and in hell

"Disrupting an industry" actually means "completely burning the labor rights won thus far through class struggle."

Only capitalism would covet men in the 16-25 age bracket--their market value as consumers being their only redeemable quality

Former member of that age bracket

Jesus is metal.
-wants us to eat his flesh and drink his blood
-long hair
-hung out with witches
-went to hell and back
-hates the rich
-against authority
-curses fig trees

Dont let western new age spiritualist/healers that still have not deconstructed their hyper individualistic views of healing convince you that healing must occur completely alone or else something is wrong with you. Its just not true. Healing also occurs in relationships and community and its really important to not disregard that. We’re literally social creatures!!! Healthy relationships with secure attachment are important and incredibly meaningful healing from trauma

@eldrichtTerror parents that do that are most likely abusive on other levels.

hey if you're a parent who likes to remind your kid a out how much money it costs to raise them: fuck you

What are some good silent modern comic strip artists? I mean comics that don't have any dialogue and don't usually require any language to be understood.

I'm happy that #Quino made comics that are still mostly understandable without text, for example:

you're not a true poster unless you do 'bits' in real life

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