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It's called the Bible not the Straightble. Get your own book, straights.

ableism, slurs, and their ties to eugenics 

LMAO! I'm gonna be previewing an essay on serial killers and I just realized I forgot to write the intro.

in my mind no word or human concept can ever communicate selfness

400% sure that identity is just stapling together other people's pictures of you

My writing can be summed up as: "so you thought this was innocent?"

@johnpierremaeli nice! Story time: one time I was brought to court for allegedly putting a sticker inside every toilet inside the Rayburn building.

changing my legal name to Norton Antivirus and tricking old people into giving me money

I wonder how many religious people use their faith to fill their overall life with meaning so that they can go along living a meaningless life.

Walmart is closing all of its stores in Chile after 60 were destroyed by rioting

And we're bombarded with tons and tons of information like every fucking day. It just blows my fucking mind what the kids are going through today.

Nothing drives me crazier than when people suggest owning property as some sort of great status symbol. What the fuck, why would you want to spend all your time fucking cutting grass and shovelling snow. I'd rather make the fucking owner do it.

me: one must be particularly careful when applying contemporary labels to premodern culture, as every aspect of their conception of selves and communities differs from ours in ways we can scarcely imagine

also me: sir gawain, knight of the round table at camelot, is a gay enby and a bratty sub

opening up the fridge high fiveing the lettuce and slamming it shut

Talking about "transcendence" like it grows on trees.

vulcan philosophy is just doing whatever you were going to do anyway but saying that it's the "logical" choice

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