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Innocence lost: what did you do before the internet?

Very interesting. As a member of the "last of the innocents" generation, I'm not sure I'd be so despairing about the scope for reflection, imagination and free thought in the future. But I wonder.

One of the many things that got right was his analysis that governments and rulers come and go but the state remains in place, grows but never shrinks, waiting for the next guy/girl to get their hands on the controls.

Any damage done by Trump/Boris will likely heal quickly. Except obviously, that's a deeper wound.

Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson review – an inventive reanimation

So this sort of shit is up for the booker award (that generally awards insufferable shit). It's the reason books don't make the same impact they used to. Frankenstein is one of the greatest books ever written - get out of its way. (And yes, all I've read is a synopsis and I'm good with that - life is short.)

Just read a ranking of best sci-fi of all time that has Ender's game ahead of Dune.

Same sort of people who prefer the second image below, I suppose...

As an overworked perfectionist, ignoring wellness advice was the salve my soul needed

"We all want a life we don’t need regular health retreats and breaks from in order to withstand."

Car horn there the exact tone of the opening note of Jean Michelle Jarre's Oxygene.

Yes, I'm on holidays.

The surviving members of Apollo Mission Control White Team on console for the 50th anniversary of the landing

The 10 ages of Boris Johnson: a guide to his road to power

One of the better, less shrill, accounts of Boris Johnson's development.

Hard to know what TV you will rewatch in this golden era of TV. I still feel like I want to download the very best. So if I ever end up on a desert island, with power, a laptop and my NAS...

Actually, you know what, I'll give the background. I'm looking for accounts of the metaphor for "peeing in the same trough you're drinking from".

It will surprise no one that this corner of the interweb is overrun with porn. Even duckduckgo's "filter out the worst shit" mode can find little else.

Disgusting but funny 

Paul Darrow obituary

Sad news. He was a legend in Blake's 7, a terrific sci-fi series, whose dated production values, sadly, would probably put off new generations of viewers.

Looks like the green party is surging in Ireland ahead of the European elections. Great news. Maybe the penny has dropped?

Of course, when I say surged, I mean they have gone from 3% to 7%, but in a few weeks, and they've been at 3% for over 10 years.

Almost everyone in sensible countries understand and believe in the threat of climate change and now ecosystems collapse. But well over 90% of people in Ireland, at least (and probably mostly everywhere), seem to always find a reason not to vote green.

There is no reason. Vote green even if the candidate is a penguin. Even if the party is a joke. Because it's the right button to be pressing (pronouns will die with us). If enough people press it something vaguely more world saving will happen.

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