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Lockdown in Ireland now. Thought we'd avoid it, but it wasn't to be. At least we're acting promptly.

So it looks like Italy is gradually grinding to a Wuhan-style halt. To no one's surprise. You can't go anywhere in north Italy now except the airport, where you can get a cheap flight to Dublin and nobody will say boo to you on the way in.

Apparently, restricting flights is disproportionate and ineffective. Really? To avoid/postpone total lockdown? Very proportionate. And ineffective? We're an island. 95+% cases are flying here from Italy. One very nearly got out of hand.

Why adding extra road (network paths) to a road network may increase average journey times (network delays).

Watch "Braess's Paradox - Equilibria Gone Wild" on YouTube

Always believed this was some social psychological effect but it's not. Adding capacity can lead to delays even when all drivers are individually rational. This effect even has analogs in dynamic and electrical systems.

What is the endgame for and why does hand washing and self isolation help? If the endgame is that enough people get it to provide the rest with herd immunity, don't we have to wait until ~90% get it? If so, then why draw the process out? Or are we wrangling over the difference between 90% and 95% getting it? Take all measures to slow it down to protect ~5%? Anyone know the science?

Ah, too late, first cases of community transmission and a case with no obvious link to northern Italy. The next 24-48hrs will be crucial, but the battle is probably lost.

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Not really sure why all flights from north Italy to Ireland are not grounded (with a couple of day's notice). All our cases are coming from there. If we're not really bothered about containment, I'd rather skip this depressing charade. (Inject virus and get it over with?)

Grounding some flights would obviously be more than worth it to avoid total lockdown.

Green party candidate elected in Waterford in Irish general election for the first time. Awesome.

Brazil's Amazon deforestation this year nearly size of Puerto Rico, says agency

This is absolutely horrific. Good argument for sending in UN peace keepers, or such like, if you ask me.

Anxiety inducing 

Every time I turn on "real TV", I get a dose of government sponsored scare ads about drink driving, etc., unsolicited news about stabbings, etc. Way to make almost-irrelevant fears and terrors perpetually salient.

Cicero asks, "Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?"

Lives at risk from surge in measles across Europe, experts warn

Deeply depressing and proof again that all of the biggest problems that face humanity are human problems, not technological challenges.

Innocence lost: what did you do before the internet?

Very interesting. As a member of the "last of the innocents" generation, I'm not sure I'd be so despairing about the scope for reflection, imagination and free thought in the future. But I wonder.

One of the many things that got right was his analysis that governments and rulers come and go but the state remains in place, grows but never shrinks, waiting for the next guy/girl to get their hands on the controls.

Any damage done by Trump/Boris will likely heal quickly. Except obviously, that's a deeper wound.

Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson review โ€“ an inventive reanimation

So this sort of shit is up for the booker award (that generally awards insufferable shit). It's the reason books don't make the same impact they used to. Frankenstein is one of the greatest books ever written - get out of its way. (And yes, all I've read is a synopsis and I'm good with that - life is short.)

Just read a ranking of best sci-fi of all time that has Ender's game ahead of Dune.

Same sort of people who prefer the second image below, I suppose...

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