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Sunday bus services reach the city of Waterford 🇮🇪.

The service is pretty comprehensive now. Just a matter of tightening up the punctuality on the public operator and cracking down on the private operator which runs a fantasy timetable on the busiest routes!

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Blockchain has a big problem - Irish workers aren't interested

Maybe the lack of a single compelling use case for blockchain might be the problem. The lack of any well known business that is actually making legitimate money from it.

When you escape from an abusive situation at work and find a new job. 😁

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Psychology’s Replication Crisis Is Running Out of Excuses

Still, the floor looks like it has been reached. And 50% is not that bad at this stage of the game. Enough to show there is a discipline there at the core of it.

Don’t blame the Irish: the Brexit chaos is all about England

There is more than a note of triumphalism from Irish commentators on and a false belief that brexiters are deluded or stupid. They are not. The UK had every right to expect a more flexible stance from the EU, but as in the financial crisis, the EU has only one gear: germanic punishment.

The UK will probably crash out with no deal and they probably should.

The bit on trains that you stick your hands under but don't usually see.

Do I want to code like a seasoned professional or some kind... of a batman.

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The quest to design an ethical social media platform – Jennifer Johnson on The Week

How lovely to see such a nice article on Mastodon and ethical design in The Week from the journalist that @laura introduced to Mastodon.


Fog on the River Suir leaving on the train this morning. Hard to capture it but it's a really cool sight to see the vapours lifting off such a large body of water.

found this amazing little story at the bottom of the man page for bwbasic, the BASIC interpreter installed on

Thanks, Mrs. Verda Spell!

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