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Almost everyone in sensible countries understand and believe in the threat of climate change and now ecosystems collapse. But well over 90% of people in Ireland, at least (and probably mostly everywhere), seem to always find a reason not to vote green.

There is no reason. Vote green even if the candidate is a penguin. Even if the party is a joke. Because it's the right button to be pressing (pronouns will die with us). If enough people press it something vaguely more world saving will happen.

Looking for a word for "of or relating to , terminators or impending judgement day"?

I give you "terminorian".

John F Kennedy arboretum, outside New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

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Basically, let's not let the climate die without at least posting some super high votes for parties wanting to save it.

Imagine we're all living in a swamp and our kids are asking how could you guys come up with so many fucking retarded reasons not to vote green for all those years? Would it have killed you?

If aliens were planning to invade (and they happened to tell us beforehand) and there was only one political party in favour of doing something about it. I'd like to think we'd all vote for that party.

But experience with parties around the world tells me that people continue to put nonsense non-issues ahead of world ending crises.

Don't be an arsehole. Vote green in whatever country you're in until climate change stops being the biggest problem.

Ah summer (we're having a summers day here in Ireland), that time of the year when you can smell cigarette smoke inside the cafe, because the door is left open.

(You own the outside, you have direct access to the sun, isn't that enough?)

Hmm... It strikes me that people may not be able to access all these Irish Times articles. Although I think you get 10 free.

Paddy Cosgrave ‘no saint’ over US fund tax arrangements

There is a brand of hypocrisy at play here that I don't disapprove of per se. The kind that says, yeah I may have done that thing myself but that doesn't mean it isn't wrong and people should do it. Nobody should do it. And also the notion that we should all agree to stop together.

Still I can also imagine a post-trump future where everyone does whatever they want all the time while agreeing it's wrong.

The Irish Times: Paddy Cosgrave: Why Ireland must end its reliance on low corporate tax

I think this is a great article, well argued and I agree with everything. But this guy... yeah he wrote it only after he was caught pushing fake adds on Facebook. So honesty and intelligent argument was his fallback option:

Facebook removes Paddy Cosgrave’s tax campaign page

Steve Bannon ‘told Italy’s populist leader: Pope Francis is the enemy’

Thanks The Guardian for the goss.

Adams family values: two presidents with a message for Trump's America

"Cicero already knew, in 53 BC, that the object of good government was to dispose of anxiety, not intensify it."

The Irish Times: Pat Leahy: The EU has been awesome in its Brexit negotiating strategy (via @irishtimes)

I actually don't think May has been as bad as all that. She effectively lost her snap election and she has done the best she could ever since.

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