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Very sweaty. Sweaty in the States

Back at O’Hare and waiting to leave for Minneapolis, you know what that means: time to eat some garbage

Today was pretty sweaty again

It is important to remember that I can't spend a shift's worth of time walking in the city and the sun and expect to continue doing a bunch more things at night, so, keep that in mind, me

Being home (or, in my parents' house, I guess) is always a melancholy experience until I sit myself in front of the laptop and float away. Dwelling on why that is always makes me a little loopy, so I think it's time to take a break and lean on my old friend the Internet

Nothing specific happened, this song showed up on Tumblr a few days ago and I’ve been dwelling on it at the airport today

Part of it also being, the conceit of this show dictates that these puppets love their friends and are sad when they aren’t around, and that’s not something you can assume in the unpuppetted world

Part of what makes the song sad is the way Jerry Nelson sings it, and also the fact that he is dead

But, puppets come from people, so, that’s not so bad as it sounds

There are days when I worry that I have more empathy for puppets on a TV show than I do for the actual factual human beings that are all around

Man what if I had a DnD character that talked like Bing Crosby? Would that get old? Maybe it would rule

Walked 2 miles, biked 9 miles, wotta ding dang day

I love Hugo's, and I learned today that they have a bathroom for customers, however, do not use it unless you really have to

As I continue to flesh out my Starfinder character's backstory, I am tempted to populate their history with my other RPG characters, because Rudy Tuccicucci is way too good of a name to lay dormant, and I never gave Zook Nackle a fair shake at their full potential

This is significant in that I now have a use for Instagram after a long while of not knowing what to use it for

At the suggestion of @ericjschuster, I might start posting little doodles onto Instagram:

Flickr is acquired by SmugMug? What the fuck is SmugMug