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Part of the problem being he’s existed for long enough that anything I flesh out needs to reconcile the player choices I’ve made thus far. Feels like I could wake up tomorrow and not see this as a problem though. We shall see!

I’ve got a Shirren (bug-man) mystic, a priest to the goddess of death and judgement in the afterlife (Pharasma). He is a healer and is motivated to seek out new life forms (and has a habit of hacking off pieces of monsters and collecting them). But I feel like the persona backing up these traits is not cohered yet

Could be overthinking it. But I do play with someone who’s entire character is “I’m up for whatever, let’s do it!” and I want something more interesting

Trying to flesh out the backstory for a Starfinder character (and keeping notes for a new DnD character I’ll need to flesh out as well)—it’s tough coming up with a backstory that coheres a bunch of disparate functional choices, honors the gameplay choices made thus far, and results in a persona that is fun to play

I have been tweeting "feet are weird" since 2012 and like is there a perceptual problem I should be worried about??

I am reviewing old tweets from some years back and am not surprised that no one interacted with them because they are absolutely bonkers


“Possibly also HALLOWEENTOWN but I’ve only seen the GIF with the taxi driver so who knows”

“THE DIVINE COMEDY maybe but I never read that one”

“Also SPIRITED AWAY, god damn it man. Whatever I don’t care”

“Also GHOST. This is not the most useful exercise but at least there’s a theme”

Pondering story ideas. “Well they kind of did this in STRANGER THINGS. And LITTLE MONSTERS, and that one Halloween episode of the Simpsons, and BEETLEJUICE.” But I mean, kind of not. Story doesn’t have legs until you grow ‘em out. Anyway it’s the food talking, I’m at Common Roots and in a good mood. I dunno

Feel like I’m spinning and spinning my wheels in a lot of ways, in a general sense, but hey, I’ve got a job and a roof. Toot toot

My thinking on characters and casts lately have revolved around my various DnD campaigns, and how I really like one character I’m playing and really dislike the other. It’s a lot more fun to play a character who is engaged and does things and wants things, and it’s a lot less fun to play a character who hates fun and essentially wants to leave the party at the nearest convenience. Rocket science

Coffee is good, coffee is nice. I drink it lots but it comes at a price

I’m surprised that it felt like some sort of revelation when this finally dawned on me but the reason the characters I try to flesh out are not interesting is because they don’t want anything and they don’t make any choices. Drama 101 my dude

I've been combing through old journals hoping for some story ideas and came across this note:

(it's a bowl that you pee into and then you drink your pee)"

And, I mean. I don't know man. Like I'm not gonna do better than that.

Today’s songs have been “Alex the honking cockatiel sings the Wii Shop theme” and “the Tumblr song about the image of a hedgehog giving the OK sign, and the man who loves it”