"In United States, you have twelve months. Twelve, what a country! In Soviet Russia, there are only two months: August, and Winter!"

While I was not paying attention, the person in iPad Guy’s usual spot departed. The spot has been reclaimed! iPad Guy is now where he always is, and always will be, until he dies, or maybe he’ll be forced to move somewhere else, residentially

iPad Guy is not in his usual spot at the coffee shop and it threw me off. He’s always in the same spot, poking at his iPad, directly in front of his face. But not today!

Fuck me, the "new" Star Trek came out almost 10 years ago

A-well-a Jub, Jub, a jibbity-Jub Jub

Jub Jub has a theme song. To the tune of “Rapper’s Delight”

The Red Army Choir has a history I haven't fully explored but here they are performing the theme to Tetris youtu.be/krJR0b1Wgrg?t=20

Ran across “synecdoche” in an article and immediately heard “syneh-kyneh-dodie-chodie” youtu.be/v-n1vGeVIXo

Spotify's end-of-year mix sent me a song I haven't listened to or thought about in maybe 6 years, and it surprised me youtu.be/-I2UHqT1G3U

Okay, Rock Falls, they must have been talking about Rock Falls and I misheard it as Rockford, as a child. Kids! You know?

I always thought Rockford, IL and Sterling, IL were right next to each other and finally looked at a map and apparently I am very wrong. Grandma and Grandpa lived in Sterling and I had always assumed, oh yeah, Rockford was just on the way. Well it's not! What am I mis-remembering!!

“Asinine” shares a root with “ass” (as in, “donkey”, or fool; not the butt). Worth knowing

Saw a dang bald eagle fly overhead on the bus!

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