‪My coworker Mark took his son to a Metallica ‬show, even though Mark himself hates Metallica. So now we call him “Marktallica” and sing “Sandman” whenever he’s around

These allergies are kicking my ass. You win, nature. I would make a bad Lewis and Clark. This is why they didn’t hire me for the job.

I think what’s happening is that I’m having a moment of, “I want to tell people about myself today, but have nothing prepared, and also, as bad as things are in the world, is it right to ramble at people? It might be wrong.” Which, I mean, I have felt before. It’s an old routine. But I feel better having worked this out here. That’s all, maybe. I always feel like I’m on the cusp of something. Maybe I’ll get there when I grow up. You have a good day internet

The next question being, well, when am I gonna set that up? Is this interesting? That’s why it’s off the bird site I guess. Toot toot

Part of the challenge of social media is anticipating what people want to see in front of them. If I feel bad, is that interesting? If I feel good, is that interesting? Phrasing it that way, this feels like an affirmation that therapy is a more appropriate venue for sussing out feelings, than the internet

It’s been maybe a week or two since I’ve been able to sit at Spyhouse before a shift. Felt like posting but my thoughts are all over the place. If nothing else it’s nice to sit here

Holy shit, Bioware made a Sonic RPG that I completely forgot about. I mean that's not a thing worth knowing but I surprised myself anyway

I feel an obligation to make note also of how the world is collapsing, but, I don’t know of anyone who isn’t aware, and I feel like I have nothing useful to add. For this reason, I don’t always feel like I understand how to use a more public platform like the Bird site. But here, I feel more comfortable saying, damn, I like getting a haircut at the barber’s

I have to take a moment and make note of how much I enjoy going to the barber and getting a haircut. It feels great. It’s so nice. I got a beard trim too and it was so pleasant

“The Banana Boat Song” played at the coffee shop and I thought to myself “Ah yes, like on The Muppet Show”, and then, “I guess I didn’t watch a lot of BEETLEJUICE as a kid, did I”

What if you made a parody of "Amadeus" about learning Spanish and it's called "Buenos Días"

What if you made a parody of “Amadeus” called “Garfo-Dyas” and it’s about Garfield as a Jedi master

I've been catching up on O.K. K.O. and STEVEN UNIVERSE tonight and it's just, it's so nice, it's great

Today I woke up to a pleasant temperature and I want to mark the occasion

This is gross but it fucking rules not to be soaking wet with my own fluids, god damn

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