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Capitalism is a fucking disease. Not only does it make the rich richer, but it actively prevents workers from using our labor for any other purpose than to make Capitalists richer.

No news here. Just grumbling apropos of challenges.

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My girlfriend: Do you know what "Node.js: Server-side JavaScript" is?

Me: Yeah, why are you asking?

Her: Is it a virus?

Me: Weeeell... 😆

(turns out Adobe Cloud is now running two node processes on her Windows machine)

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that awkward moment when you receive an OTP code on your phone when you haven't actually logged into something any time recently. For a bank.

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this is the most embarrassing search history and I hate that my browser is calling me out like this.

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Has any tech company that's gone public ever offered first-dibs on shares to it's customers? Isn't the company telling people to hold shares for 1 year manipulating the stock value by decreasing how much stock is actually being traded?

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I suddenly realise who that creepy old man was who called my name at the playground when I was six.
He shouted I should remember to buy apples, and then he just vanished.
If I had invested in Apple, maybe I now could afford enough energy for my time machine to let me stay longer.

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If you're still scraping your jaw off the floor after Propublica's monster story on tax-dodging among the ultra-wealthy, then buckle up, because they're not anywhere close to reporting out that leaked data.

Today's story from The Secret IRS Files is about Tali Farhadian Weinstein, the ultrawealthy frontrunner candidate for the Democratic primary for DA of Manhattan.


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Winter is definitely Beanie's favourite season, he loves the space heater.

@zkat Node.js folks seem trapped between TC39 and babel

I'm not sure the use case was even considered when TC39 put pen to paper

Now ESM is a big mess, a good chunk of the mess is inherited, not really sure what I'd have done differently over in Node.js land

Very disappointing and frustrating, though, for sure

Then I look at what I consider to be an even worse module mess over in , urgh

Let's all just do :)

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"It's not our problem what literally all our users need, but we'll just give them garbage and see if it sticks, then shrug and say 'we tried' when it doesn't."


The 2021 JavaScript drama could be summed up as “we wanted React/webpack/babel module system and we got 🤬: it’s Node.js fault”.

Node: we did not define the standard nor the way React/webpack/babel forked it. It’s not our problem.



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just having all kinds of feels about how "good labor relations" is just another thing a company does to add market value to itself.

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“Pride is great, I just don't want you to tell me your anger about how I've hurt you by fundamentally misunderstanding bigotry associated with coming out”

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NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro sends a violent counter terrorism unit to attack journalists:

Embarrassing corrupt Australian politicians has now become dangerous

I spent a good chunk of yesterday searching for, and then deciding to build, my own crate for handling URLs, because the "git@...:..." format is not handled by the popular "url" crate

Then today, I find multiple options:

Little bit annoyed, but yay?

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If isn't a place for adult creators, then why is it running these ads?

Yeah, male 'enhancement' pills, super family friendly there. I also get ads for adult dating. Y'all should remove the adult ban, you look silly.

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"What can you tell me about these 'humans'?" Sprxfl said.
A'uoie'aa frambered a tzaz. "They are inventive."
"All the species in the GalFed invent things."
"No, like, they invent a thing to do something, like we all do. And then..."
"They use it for a different purpose."

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