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We're trying out Zulip, after seeing the apparent success of the Rust community hosting conversations there instead of Discord. This is gonna be interesting. It reminds me of Slack in some ways I don't like, but that threading seems so good once you get used to it 👀

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Another response to the Basecamp staff policy change:

> It is not our place as white men to decide if our behavior is harmful or connected to a broader system of harm. We have more power than anyone else in this society, so it is incumbent upon us to listen to the people saying we are harming them.


> Therefore, we’re asking everyone, including Jason and me, to refrain from using our company Basecamp or HEY to discuss societal politics at work effective immediately.

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being a shitty tech CEO with shit opinions and ending up as Twitter's main character for the day is a privilege we don't talk about often enough

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man, today's controversy really reminded me of how much I want to start a software co-op. I just... don't have a "product" for it, and I honestly don't know anyone who would want/be able to join and help with all the work it takes to start and run one.

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I folded up my Moonlander wrist rests yesterday

I hear it's better to float over the keyboard with straight wrists instead of resting and therefore bending my wrists unnecessarily

It was mostly prompted by the curve cutout on my desk which (when combined with the wrist rests) was putting my keyboard too far away from me

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I made rosemary chocolate chunk cookies! And uh, slightly misjudged the size of the dough balls in the first batch. 😅

This was the inspiration for the poll:

> By hitting a vendor downstream in the supply chain, attackers give themselves more options about the companies they can extort.

The way people use downstream/upstream can be very confusing to me

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On /, newly registered users no longer automatically follow admins. End of an era. There's something else now... will post about it later...

"upstream" versus "downstream"

These words get thrown around a bit, and I think mostly incorrectly, but maybe I am the one who is wrong :)

- manufacturer A builds something with parts from supplier B
- software A depends on library B

What would you say is "upstream" here?

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"Why Lichess will always be free"

This is our unbreakable promise to you, our users:

- Lichess will never have ads
- Lichess will never sell our user’s data
- Lichess will always be 100% free of charge


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This sums up the pure lunacy of's adult content ban: they'll happily advertise male enhancement pills

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I'm kinda sad that clog ( hasn't been updated in ~4 years. It's a legit nice project and there's nothing else quite as good, imo. But maybe I just haven't found it?

What are YOU using to auto-gen changelogs for your Rust projects?

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