Did you ever notice that people in today's society have lost the ability to shut the fuck up?

I just gotta say, living to the age of eighty with really kick ass memory is the most amazing trip. My earliest memory is being in a bomb shelter, then I remember swimming with dolphins in Cape Town, and driving a four wheel Toyota jeep over the Andes, not to mention ranching cattle in the Bolivian Lowlands. And here I am in Portugal, damn, "Bob" has vouchsafed all I ever desired!

How To Practice Mindfullness

1. Turn on the Internet
2. Try to understand anything today
3. Go "help my mind is full"

These aren't in the server rules but many people would still probably benefit from adopting some or all of these 😉

As you get older more and more dead people will visit you in your dreams. It is the only place they have left to go.

My impressions after a over a decade developing other people's photos:

A picture of a sunset is not a sunset.
All holiday snaps are the same.
All holiday snaps are shit.

'At some point things just have to get better.'

You haven't been paying attention, have you. The only thing that has to happen, if one goes by the evidence to date, is that things change.

The thing that is YOU can change too. You have the majority vote in deciding the change will be against getting worse for you and yours.

You even get to decide who 'you and yours' are! Maybe everybody, maybe just you, likely something in between.

The means to be less miserable are in your hands.

Go ahead!

Humanity's first interplanetary war started in the early 2020s when the Martians came over to complain about the noise.


Metaphysics. Possibly offensive to bots. 

Of course there is life after death.
All of us have been dead for most of the previous 14 billion years, and now we are alive.

There was a technical glitch in the bell ringing mechanism of Turku Cathedral, causing it to chime through the night.

I live quite near to the church, and ofc my first association was: "That's it! Now the plague has started _for real_!"

US space exploration in the 1970s:
Let's play golf and drive a car on the moon.

US space exploration in the 2020s:
Let's fly a remote controlled helicopter on Mars.

They call it science but it's really just middle aged guys playing with toys.

If you're happy
And you know it
Still we die

If you're happy
And you know it
Still we die

If you're happy
And you know
Still by age or plague
Or bullet

If you're happy
And you know it
Still we die

Most politicians are terrible at maths.
This world is ruled by the Innumerati!

If this life is a dream then it's a dream without a dreamer.
If we are inside a simulation then it is one without an outside.

"tradition" is one of those great marker words.
When someone uses it in a positive way they are most likely full of shit.

Yes. I am aware of the inherent irony in that statement.

I want to become a productivity guru.

My seminars will teach you how to lower your productivity significantly in just three days by using scattered focus, advanced procrastination techniques and microdosing bitcoins.

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