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ᴊᴏʟʟʏ ᴍɴᴇᴍᴏɴɪᴄ @jollymnemonic@mastodon.social

When you wrote "last night" I expected it to be dark.

My computer has died, and I need help replacing it. Please contribute and/or boost, and thank you in advance for your help <3 gofundme.com/noelle-replace-my

So I just met one of the 3 (!) maintainers of F-Droid. They are desperately looking for more volunteers as they are responsible for 1500 repositories between them.
#fdroid #foss

Is it better to be a useful idiot or a useless idiot?:thaenkin:

As always, I want to use Friday 13th to remind you, that your computer will die some day. It is up to you if you have a backup ready, or can live with all your photos lost.

tl;dr: Do your backup today

Ads are psychohazards that society is constantly trying to find new ways to expose me to without my consent.

Leçon du jour : Medium est mauvais. Ils ont suspendu notre compte et bloqué l'accès à tous nos billets publiés pour des raisons bidon et avec un préavis de seulement 12 heures.

The Daily Mail's youtube channel has been banned for violating the community guidelines



Medium: „We follow DNT but track“ 🤔

‘Google Is Quietly Providing AI Technology for Drone Strike Targeting Project’

“Google, which has made strides in applying its proprietary deep learning tools to improve language translation, and vision recognition, has a cross-team collaboration within the company to work on the AI drone project.”


Comment on our radar: forum.ind.ie/t/google-is-quiet

One of the things that bother me about modern life is that everything is squeezed through the narrow tube of a computer. Technology these days is almost synonymous with computers.

We tend to forget that there is a world of experience and technology outside of the narrow confines of Internet connected machines.

Perhaps this is why everyone is depressed and analog music and photography are still popular. As a vague reminder of that other world outside of the Borg collective.