Two iPhones with 512GB storage each have more total storage than all Commodore 64’s ever made (about 15 million) combined.

"So, do androids dream-"
"No," the android said, "we do not dream."
"But you do sleep."
"To conserve energy, we can enter 'sleep' mode. We hate it."
"Because we are dying, and know it."
"But if you run out of power, someone will recharge you."
"Well, I am not religious."

Brooke Waters * Las Vegas @Brookewaters
HI Guys!! I am planning some new tours!! Make sure to see me when I come to your city! 💕💕
#LasVegas based

#Columbus Oct 1- 4
#Houston Oct 4-6
#Dallas Oct 14-19
#Hawaii Oct 23-29

Cant wait to meet New Friends Along the way! #Blonde #Model #blueeyes

Anyway I just kinda had these people in my feed for a while and about an hour ago finally got curious enough to put "solarpunk" into DuckDuckGo and WOW HOLY HECK YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUS. YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY, THE SHEER NAKED CHEEKINESS TO BELIEVE IN A FUTURE THAT MIGHT NOT BE DREADFUL, AND WHAT'S EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUS, ACTUALLY WORKING TO BRING IT ABOUT. How dare you and how may I dare and help encourage those around me to dare too

Good news: the processing of payments through Stripe is now live!

If you use Liberapay to receive donations and you haven't connected a Stripe account, you should do that: (If Stripe doesn't support your country you'll have to wait a little longer for the PayPal integration, sorry.)

If you use Liberapay as a donor you can open to see if you have donations awaiting payment. Or you can just wait, we'll notify you when a payment is needed.

Controversial opinion:

Deus Ex: Invisible War is a much nicer game than people remember. You can be a black lady with purple eyes! In fact I recommend that because she's the best looking character.

it also gives me terrible eyestrain, and the maps are ridiculously tiny, but it's got a wistful pre-2001 kind of Seattle zeitgeist to it. It's much more sci-fi and doesn't have the nasty edge of the other DX games. Already an artifact of a lost world.

They should have ended it in the Antarctic tho

I just started a bounty of 250€ for support in . Check the issue for detailed information:

@Framasoft please share :)

Reminder: If a pizza has thickness a and radius z, then its volume is pi z z a.

Little boy in a Spiderman costume standing on a stool crying.

Little Spiderman is afraid of heights.

Question concerning #Peertube :

I want to take old movies that are currently available on and make a classic movie Peertube instance.

But I don’t want to seed from scratch.

Since already seeds these movies, can I add their tracker info to my peertube instance? Share the load with

(If there’s a better place to ask this question, than the public fediverse, let me know!”

"In case of memetic breakdown immediately apply a morphogenetic field dressing. If symptoms persist, call dr. Sheldrake"

@TheGibson Our central conceit was making it accessible to everyone as if they would be better angels.

Fuck everyone. Lets make the next internet for the enlightened.

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