Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ll have some fun things to show soon- I PROMISE!!!

mental health (crisis) 

I’ve been suicidally depressed for years. At this point I cry about once a week, and wish I was dead every day. I have ups and down, but the world is so consistently disappointing and bleak.

The only thing that keeps me going is the amazing relationship that I have with my wife.

Please be thankful for the ones you love and are loved by.

Playing Wind Waker- it’s such a pure, joy-filled game.

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Pt.3 📸 Some beautiful little palm trees. I actually really love this sprite, I'll probably find a place for it in Project Z.

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I've always loved the feel of digital/retro ocean environments. Here are a few island assets from a previous project back in 2017... I was juuust dipping my toes into 3D, and boy can you tell! 😅

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"The growing inaccessibility of science"


"Access options"


Optimizing code is addictive and time-consuming.

Just finished a MASSIVE rewriting of my vertex buffers... Took a long time, but now the drawing is a lot more stable and versatile. I still need to rebuild some parts (i.e. missing face), but this is a great step forward!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do real lighting or not, and I'm still not sure... I'm big on color theory, so it will take awhile for me to set up all the different light sets I'll need to maintain good composition.

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