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This was a long frustrating journey, but I think it turned out pretty alright. #vfx

you ever miss having only a limited library of books/games/movies/etc and spending more time exploring deeply an artwork instead of blazing through the datastream?

the core of liberal ideology is the pretence that everyone's a white bourgeoisie. institutions built for and by the bourgeoisie can't possibly be oppressive b/c after all, they work for the bourgeoisie. anything that would shatter this conception, anything that threatens their idea of society where all real problems've been solved & the only thing that remains is procedure, threatens their 'civility', registers as an existential threat

Quit the police and the military. Abandon your responsibilities to your badges and country. Abandon your excuses to kill your fellow citizens and those abroad. And abandon your bosses who cannot survive without leeching off of your labor.

someone on twitter pointed out that if this was really all about protecting capital they would lock up derek chauvin and throw away the key instead of risking billions in property damage. i think he's right. america is willing to suffer all this damage to appease racists

If you’re attracted to men and don’t think cloud is one of the hottest men in existence then i don’t know what to tell you other than you’re wrong

Avoiding Amazon 

"Amazon’s sales have hit £8,800 a second, while concerns persist about its tax affairs, treatment of staff and effect on small retailers. Here’s how to buy everything from technology to beauty to books without it"

Can y’all name some blogs / people y’all follow for developments in the open source (read: not corporate, community-centric/driven) space? Kinda like OMG! Ubuntu. (

give a man a hamburger and you feed him for a day

teach a man to hamburgle and you feed him for a lifetime

Today I learned that many/most color laser printers layer an array of yellow microdots on top of documents 🔬

This Machine Identification Code encodes a print date and a serial number unique to the machine. It only became public knowledge in 2004, ~20 year after deployment 😑

The Technical University of Dresden released a tool 2 years ago to layer on _even more dots_ to render the MIC unreadable and aid whistleblowers publishing

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