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Well shit. That was fun while it lasted. Sony pulls Spider-Man out of the MCU over profit-sharing dispute with Disney

More features for nobody to use??? Galaxy Note 10’s new Samsung DeX integration with Windows and Mac PCs goes live

20 years ago: I wanna live in the big city!

10 years ago: Maybe somewhere on the outskirts will do?

today: Do they have a cabin in the woods with high-speed Internet?

This Foil Alternate Art Japanese Liliana dropped from a promo pack today. Not bad for wining 3 rounds of in a 4 player casual event.

Clearly Bijan Stephen forgot the first rule of club no 🙅‍♂️☠📺 Plex makes piracy just another streaming service

It finally happened... I cracked my first phone screen. My Note 8 has served me so well since launch. Time for some sticky tape.

Windows defender was watching my VM image file. Urgh. That explains a lot.

So it was about trade and not security afterall? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Huawei allowed to buy from US suppliers again

Any thriving local city/town/geo based instances out there? Interested in learning how they operate, their policies, what's made them gain the users they have.

Stack Overflow releases its own keyboard.

So some of them have not? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Samsung exec says “most” of the Galaxy Fold’s display problems have been fixed

Nice. Google adds new features to My Business profiles to better recognise and brand businesses

Everyone deserves equality of access to digital resources. This includes voice technologies in your own language, without having to give up your privacy. If you agree, join us at to make it a reality.

Sky News Announces Dedicated Newspeak Channel Exclusively For Doubleplusgood Australians

Restart Firefox and install that update!!! Update your Firefox browser now, there’s an emergency patch you’ll want

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