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Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

We're shifting focus and for the next couple months we'll be talking a lot more about digital strategy on our blog. What it means, and how your business can use it to succeed.

Friends migrating to #Signal
Bitcoiners migrating to #Mastodon
Normies migrating to #Bitcoin

People no longer accept the abuses of power. I love it.

Signal is actuall pretty good. Let me know if you install it and I'll give you my mobile number!

What team communication and collaboation systems do you use at work?

Google G Suite is now Google Workspace. It looks like the plans are staying mostly the same, seems like going forward the different products are going to be more integrated with each other.

This is actually pretty great. I'm going to internalise it for writing Alt text. “Object — action — context”

This is worth a read, if just to better understand and navigate the digital world around you.

What will you do if (more like when) your social media and other online acounts are hacked?

Seems like a good change to me. You can also change the settings yourself so that history will auto-delete after 3 months,

this was six whole years ago, how often do we need to repeat it with some other bit of common decency

#Mastodon #protip: do yourself a favor and enable the "advanced web interface". It's a UX wonder, especially compared to the closed social media platforms.

Fixing your Google My Business Listing can go a long way... expecially for local small businesses who rely on customers finding them through their phones.

Just got an email about someone trying to reset the password on my livejournal. Lol, I forgot that even existed.

Is this a trend or just hype? If it is a thing, how will it impact our lives, our cities and our society over the next few decades?

Coming soon... Facebook Shops. Local retailers should probably watch this space and be ready to take advantage of the options when it becomes available.

Is your business publishing random blog posts which scratch your personal itch but never seem to connect with your actual clients? There is a better way.

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