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I cannot pass by a person who's struggling with something until he complains to me about his sickness or the pandemic virus.

Know that every defect is great and is grate-ful, except the fires of hell. Gratefulness is an acquisition. Once gratefulness is met with protest, that of which is great is substituted with punishment and defection.

The first of which, being defective and accompanied with greatness.
And the latter being a defect accompanied with punishment and an interferring hinderance.

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"A man walks into a bar.
"Ouch" he says.
It' was a metal bar.
And his ears are used to jazz".

When you wear a band that a Lady has given you or a man, like a father or a mother, people would gaze on it until its fallen off or lost. Just like how they lost theirs, their honor. And had sold their honor for petty desires.

Such jealousy drives people insane.
I pity them.

I have found all these words to be true.

O. Most tender one. How tender you are, your own mother testifies.

All are soil, and you are from an Apple.

The prophet perceives from your scent whenever he wants Eden's heaven.

The rain, as it falls, the droplets call your name, Mother.

Everything is arid and everything thirsts.
and you are the river, Mother.
Mother, you are the life in the air.
What was once quenched from your river, never again feels thirst.
Mother is the life.
None feels thirst whomever has sipped from her river.

Those are kind of misshapen cells.
I believe floetrol is what preserves the cells circular shape.

Also probably the reason why many artist prefer using it in the mixture. Unfortunately don't have that one yet.
But I like this result.

just replace "the industrial revolution" with "the rise of capitalism".

because, that's what it was. that humans made machines was not nearly as important as our making a system of ceaseless hunger for profit to increase the speed of extraction

One of the reasons why I sympathize with certain characters such as Jotaro from certain angles.

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Twitch streamers and others;

Kids nowadays incorrectly mistaken the definition of 'making money' with 'donations' as a source of revenue.

I cannot blame you for not being able to help it admitting that you're not /ACTUALLY/ making money, so that you do not have to say that you are living off of donations. Why is it so bitter to give credit to people for their kindness by addressing their donations.

Oh I know why. Because you would rather feel ashamed for stripping up in front of the camera.

What saddens me about this figure.

The most evil thing this figure could ever have is this, 'CHINA'.

I cannot hope this was not made in labor camps... by someone who's probably destined to being subjugated under unfair treatment, unfair wages, and possibly death sentences based on evidence that are held under suspicion basis - driven by the intents of purifying or selling their organs.

With all due respect - ahem, it is fair to put it that way...

..I.. Communist party ..I..🤏

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The screw that was fastened on the wooden door which was inserted painfully into parts of our blessed mother's organs due to the force of the door being pushed open towards her hands with the screw being slightly exposed, which caused her blessed carriage to fall-off - still pains us to this day.

Peace on your blessed soul. Day and night, ever reaching, blessings onto your soul. You've never acknowledged them for their made-up faith. And they never acknowledged your honor and purity.

Silicone oil.
In an experiment I used slightly more water for the canvas below, and I used slightly more colors with the one above, with more glycerin consistency.

Not sure what to make of this, but I'm pretty sure that two drops of glycerin wouldn't go as far as to completely disrupt the formation of cells.

I've been flopping many canvases [off camera].

Good grief. In either case I'm happy with these results despite it not forming cells.

I know the secret to creating spaced layers with liquid. Glycerin.

NOV.13, 2021, SHINJUKU ACTION against Facial recognition cameras. protest against the installation of face-recognition surveillance cameras by JR East, the “Don’t Steal Our Faces! Give me back my face! anti-surveillance camera Shinjuku action was held.
Even if we use the station with the intention of remaining “anonymous,” it is not impossible for JRRast to know who we are, and even to track our behavior. There is nowhere to hide in Shinjuku Station.

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