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@jonathansampson ah brave, I am wary of brave I must admit. Can you tell me whether or not brave is fully FLOSS? My biggest worry is that it might fall behind Mozilla.

@netkitteh What is required to be "fully FLOSS"? We're free, always will be, with all of our code on GitHub. Any specific concerns? 🙂

@jonathansampson fully floss means floss compatible liscense (GPL3? i dunno listen to stallman talk about the 4 freedoms)

@jonathansampson my specific concern is that brave, being based on chromium (right? i think?), might fall behind chromium itself thus rendering it insecure

@netkitteh Valid concern. We keep a close watch on Chromium developments and releases. Currently, Brave and Chrome are both on v57. We'll keep up :)

@jonathansampson Except for transporters. Those make perfect sense to me for I am an engineer. No I don't how you ended up with an evil twin of yourself, be lucky he's not in your pelvis.

@jonathansampson Is Brave any good now? I tested it out on my workstation a couple months ago and all the buttons didn't have full click areas, it took forever to initially load, and it crashed all the time.
Did they get that sorted out?

@Qantumentangled We have an open issue on the full-click-area issue, but you shouldn't see it taking too long to load, and definitely shouldn't be seeing any crashes. On which OS/device did you test?

@jonathansampson I was testing on a Windows Server 2016 with no excessive roles or features installed. Just 100% management. Box was doing great, everything ran snappy and stable but Brave was just really slow to do anything other than load web pages. Even opening a new tab seemed like it took too long. I figured I'd stick with Chrome and Firefox for now and try again in a few months.

@Qantumentangled Thank you for the added context. I'd love it if you could take another look today. Anything that is uncomfortably slow should be well-documented; I'm happy to do that, and file any necessary issues.

Just installed it and did a side-by-side test with Chrome. It worked a lot better, and I see the sync feature is now enabled by default which is cool.

But it still took more than twice as long as Chrome to open (and that's with Chrome loading and actual page, not a :newtab page) as well as all the buttons only working above the lowest 6 pixels or so which means any time I miss and click again it un-maximzes my windows.

I think I'm hung on this button problem.

@Qantumentangled Yeah, the button issue is on our radar. We're wrapping up some larger tasks, and will be checking those out shortly.

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