It's taken me far too long to realize that I really, really dislike Lua as a language.

Hey Seattle/audio friends!

I have a friend who's looking for someone in the Seattle area with experience (+ samples of) recording/mixing/mastering live orchestra. Paid gig (not sure of budget).

If this is you, PM me!
If you think this is someone you know, RTs appreciated!

If beating up neo-nazis in flesh-mechs sounds like a good time to you, consider backing Extreme Meatpunks Forever.

Sorry I haven’t been as Online for my friends that I mostly only see Online. The internet has been increasingly hostile to my life in multiple ways & I haven’t figured out a great way to deal with it but I’m doing the best I can. I still love y’all and want to hang with y’all. <3

Finished a new piece for wind ensemble. Probably gonna get premiered this year in Bellingham. I'll post about it probably.

I'm considering putting together an EP that is very different stylistically than most of my current stuff, but similar to one of my albums from a couple years ago (Born-Again Shell). If I did it, what artist name should I use for it?

This article sounds like the results of poor instruction in and/or misunderstanding of mindfulness/meditation. Mindfulness =/= disassociated/disengaged/impersonal/robotic, and it alone will not fix everything.

This article hits on something important in the modern McMindfulness movement, but her diagnosis is slightly off. Mindfulness alone isn't the goal; it's a means to an end, and it's not the only means to that end.

I’m trying to figure out a way I can keep notes in plain text files and be able to sync them using end-to-end encryption and be able to edit them on iOS. Standard Notes is cool but requires subscription and using its own app/database.

Any solutions out there?

I read Beloved my senior year of high school. It taught me so much about race, American history and the trauma enacted through it, and what literature could be. I'm forever grateful. Rest soundly, Toni Morrison.

Vote in your primaries if you have them!

It took me like 15 minutes to read through the candidates’ statements and qualifications and such and fill it out.

I am spending 8 hours at the Chicago airport today between DC & home, AMA.

To save some time why don't I just make a bot called Men of Twitter that posts unsolicited advice in replies to women's tweets.

Met some amazing distant cousins for the first time this week. Wanted to share a couple things.

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