I arranged "Menu" from Limbo for this! I'm super-excited to share it when it drops. :D twitter.com/MateriaColl/status

Strongly considering (again (but really this time (I mean it (don't try to stop me)))) dropping centralized social media like FB/Twitter/Instagram entirely very soon. Shoot me an email (jonbashmusic [at> jee mayl daht cahm) if you want to keep in touch.

[brief rant]
Hostgator is awful and I am extremely glad I'm getting away from them. Their system is refusing to let go of my domain and every time I try to change name servers on their side as a temporary solution, it changes back. Stay away.
[/end rant]

I was super into Christmas as a kid, and I've kinda stopped caring about it since moving out of my parents' house. Seeing how much other people still like it is always heartwarming though. So happy Christmas to y'all.

Rebuilt my website and moved hosting to @nfsn@twitter.com and lowered hosting costs from ~$120/year to ~$35/year. Quite satisfied. Stoked to share the updated website when DNS is finished propagating or whatever.

Yo, what is your favorite (free) platform for sharing (free) events?

For 2019, I hope we all find a solid alternative to Twitter.

I cannot get over how good of a game Shadow of the Colossus is.

Pizza joint played Mmbop and now they're playing Mambo #5.

I just donated to The Internet Archive and you should too. archive.org

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I remember being excited about Gmail in 2005 but at this point I am convinced that the "web app" is a net negative for the human condition. It shouldn't take a gig of ram to read email, and it shouldn't take twenty seconds to load and render a thousand word article.

Realization of the day: Paul McCartney was 27 when he wrote "Let it Be." Shiiiiiiiiiit.

If you're looking for a gift for that special someone for the holidays, what better gift than this rando's latest album?! 😬🎁🎄☃️ jonbash.bandcamp.com/album/cur

Tentative lineup for Winter 2019 announced! Stoked to have @visager@twitter.com (our first out-of-region speaker!), @Tambalaya@twitter.com, @OnAccidentSound@twitter.com, Jason Cushing of @SoundMorph@twitter.com, and @ripstreet@twitter.com all speaking in Bellingham Jan 19th. facebook.com/events/2593921414

A tentative lineup for the Winter 2019 has been announced! Stoked to have @visager@twitter.com (our first out-of-region speaker!), @Tambalaya@twitter.com, @OnAccidentSound@twitter.com, Jason Cushing of @SoundMorph@twitter.com, and @ripstreet@twitter.com all speaking in Bellingham January 19th.

I just had a dream about a midi file I haven't heard in almost twenty years, and yet I've also lost my wallet three times this year. Wtf, brain.

Ahhhhh great so now because good ol' jack went on a vippassana retreat in Myanmar and humblebragged about it amidst genocide there, people are dunking on the practice in general.

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