I think that accurately describes why you can't have a switch matrix and an led matrix on the same pins, even if the diode directions are flipped.

Into this table made of chickpeas embedded in plastic

I managed to not injure myself AND do some soldering last night.

Welp, I guess I'm gonna find out if I can hand solder 1mm pitch stuff. Thats 3mm on the short edge and a bit smaller than I was expecting, lol

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Down the rabbit hole, looking at rare oop multisegment led displays that had limited manufacture runs in the 80s

My local library has a shitload of 3d printers, but you cant actually print anything you make on them because you might print a gun. Instead you can select from a pre approved library of skulls.

My job today is largely watching progress bars. So I am just here dreaming about working on my hobby stuff.

Ed Roth drawing, but it's a Prius, not 70s muscle

Been trying to find the exact right amen break to listen to all morning, and this is pretty close:


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I'm a little frog on a leaf now, because I don't have a picture of a bird on my phone. Close enough

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