A blog on my Internet Freedom and space comments at joncamfield.com/blog/2022.06/i ... and please review satellitesafety.openinternetpr if you're rolling out sat comms in at-risk environments.

OK, so I just finished discussing Internet freedom and human rights in spaaaace on a panel with Vint Cerf. No biggie.

My heart will forever be with the Internet Freedom community, so expect to see me back (professionally). Until then, most of you have my Signal already - if not, slide into my DMs. 28/fin

I want to see and do this work at scale. It'll be a huge change and learning opportunity, but I hope to bring my community-centric, pragmatic, and long-term approach with me. 27/

OK OK you've been very patient. I'm joining twitter.com/seanwbrooks to help grow threat ideation at Meta. This work leverages threat intel to lead adversarial design and prepare for sophisticated attacks both against new products and based on world events. 26/

howing up for each other, sometimes quietly and invisibly, but forcefully, matters. A special call-out to Babette and Haley, who have been amazing allies, confidants, leaders, fixers-of-all-the-things, and friends throughout my entire decade at Internews. 25/

There are a lot of really hard problems, and our only chance is to share, work together, and support each other - from building open content and code to seeing each other as equals. This is hard and I know I've failed at times, but the successes are systems-changing. 24/

Our commitment to building and mentorship has meant we've supported staff on career journeys from program assistants to project leads and threat analysts, and have made welcomed "competitors" (if only from a funding perspective) out of partners. 23/

None of this happened in a vacuum, though -- our work is amazing because of our team and our partners are epic. Out of fear of forgetting to name drop someone, and respecting both teammates and partners who keep a low online profile, I won't name names here, but 22/

Safe Sisters' vision as well as our work above and experiences with our partners helped feed into our partner-first design of the Greater Internet Freedom project. Check their presentations at @RightsCon for where that is going! 21/

And this is just the stuff I've been most directly involved with. To highlight just one out of countless other amazingly cool projects, safesisters.net/ revolutionized our community security work. 20/

This is all Creative Commons (or other open licenses) so that everything we've learned along the way, we document and support others to build on. This has always been hard, but it forces constant and open innovation and ensures that it is not lost or duplicated. 19/

MONITOR's community partners are mind-blowingly talented, if you care about threat info sharing and human rights, keep an eye on where this goes and where future programs building off of this will be going. 18/

MONITOR leverages open industry practices and public-private partnerships, and works with existing expert organizations in the global IF community to share skills and approaches in detecting, analyzing, and responding to advanced threats. 17/

Evolving from our digital/organizational safety, plus engagement with the ground-breaking CiviCERT.org community from its first days, our MONITOR work is helping fill a critical gap. 16/

This community approach has also impacted how we do digital safety. Our current training work under the TACTICAL project is looking at ways to bring scenarios, simulations, and tabletop exercises into digital safety for communities. 15/

Our work has instead focused on community innovation - supporting the circumvention community by trying to fill in the gaps, build bridges (that's a pun) and support outside innovation. You can see a lot of this work at pluggabletransports.info. 14/

From the early days of IF, we have supported partners in the slow and difficult work to support the fight against censorship. We have always believe that the focused, dedicated and open source anti-censorship tools in this space have the clear lead in this fight 13/

In parallel, BASICS supported the inspiring work of cleaninsights.org/ to support tools to adopt ways to track tool usage patterns and build metrics without harming user privacy. 12/

BASICS took on the effort of working with the tool teams to identify tangible priorities, and then directly hired support (coders, documentation, community engagement, etc.) with a focus on sourcing talent from communities facing the same threats the tools mitigate. 11/

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