So I'm dorking around with Twitch and preparing to try my first stream. I'll be writing some simple Rails software just for kicks.

Android has a pretty neat "share suggestions" feature where it'll suggest recipients for sharing media.

Except 99% of the time I send stuff to my wife over a specific app we use, and it *rarely* suggests her. Instead I get my most recent Twitter DM or an SMS convo from last week

Laid up on the couch with a stomach bug, but I did manage to finally beat Gungeon's High Dragun for the first time, so that's something.

I definitely do that American Midwest thing where I possessive every store/restaurant I go to.


I recognize it and it's infuriating and I cannot stop!

Today I learned that my Tripod site from 1998 is still alive.

The copy is high on the cringe scale. The links are all broken, the hotlinked images all rotted away. I published it 30 Dec 2018 and never updated it again.

It's wonderful.

This morning, my wife tells me she saw a thing I'd like on her phone, and I asked her to send it my way.

She then realized she'd seen it on Facebook and it became a crapshoot as to whether or not she could find it again.

Facebook is awful.

I'm two paragraphs into reading @eevee's post about 20 years of html/css, and I'm already recalling the smell of the public library where I first learned that loading a 3.5MB background JPEG was a Bad Idea.

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hello! i wrote (!) about has css has evolved over the past 20 years, at least as i remember it

Thinking I'm gonna fire up the screencast engines again, they've been dormant for far too long.

I just deleted the old Innova Partners Campfire bot from Heroku, and having a weird nostalgia-emotional moment right now.

Absolutely love how I can watch a YouTube video on my official YouTube client on Google's Android OS, pause halfway through, and then have the desktop YouTube webapp have no fucking clue about that and not let me pick it up.

"For more information, see our [online guide](link to a PDF file)"

That word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

New behavior for 2020: find accounts for things I haven't in years, delete them. Sign up for a thing to try it out and don't like it? Delete all data, delete account.

Brought to you by Firefox Monitor telling me Zynga (???) was hacked and my account was compromised.

Yes I'm preheating the grill even though it's snowing. Who limits their outdoor cooking to only when the sun is out?

Shipped my first feature of 2020, something I wanted to get done in 2019 but just couldn't find the time to. Nothing big, but now authenticates our site's admin backend through Google's OAuth!

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