Man OUTER WORLDS really doesn't want me to keep my weapon lowered.

Late night Outer Worlds (and decent hair!) after the kids finally fell asleep.

More games need a "I put this down four months ago, please reacquaint me with the controls and story" mode.

Managed to work out this morning even though I wasn't feeling it, so I guess the day can't be all that bad.

I'm re-watching Deep Space 9 and young me didn't realize how annoyingly thirsty Dr. Bashir is.

Smores with the kids before bedtime. Nothing like a wood fire on an Autumn evening, surrounded by loved ones.

America's broadband is so awful we have to have the EFF step in an explain that fiber optic cable is superior, and maybe we ought to be using that instead of screwing around.

Hey I'm Jon. My pronouns are he/him. I also am very comfortable with they/them. This may not be the final word on things but it's where I'm at right now.

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Improvised a red wine pan sauce that did not suck. I am inordinately proud of myself right now.

Achievement unlocked: make friends and relatives happy-cry with my best man speech.

This morning I came across the SMB3 reference in Celeste. This game just keeps on delivering.

I always skip the Freddie episodes when I binge FRASIER. I love the character and the idea, but I can't stand Frasier and Lilith's poor parenting played as comedy.

So I mostly use birdsite, as the folks I follow and the folks I want to see me are there.

But also I'm really digging the fediverse.

All the bridges between these two seem shaky at best. How do fediverse dorks handle both? Completely separate, or is there some tooling I don't know about?


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