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Joni Trythall

πŸ†•post: How I Address Remote Isolation πŸ“

It’s really difficult and hasn’t necessarily gotten easier or more natural over the years.

πŸ†• Job Alert 🚨

Tomodomo is looking to team up with an Analytics, AdTech, and SEO Consultant πŸ” πŸ“Š ✨

β€’ Remote
β€’ Part-time
β€’ Ongoing
β€’ $40–60 per hour
β€’ 2-2.5 hours per week to start

Check out the full details here πŸ‘€

Left Facebook last year. Leaving Instagram this week.

Basically my mom is going to start getting a lot of food texts starting now πŸŠπŸ“±

Wrapping up some spy icons πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€«

Going forward all profits from A Field Guide to Flexbox PDF will be donated to Everytown 🍎❀️

Adding β€œMAKE CAKE!” to my calendar just autofills at this point 😳 πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Ever spend your entire day zoomed in to Illustrator at 5,000% and question all your life choices? 😡

🌟 New blog series over at @wigglework: Wiggle Workers Spotlight, where we dedicate each post to an individual looking for a part-time remote position.

For the very first post we asked front-end developer Aminah Burch a few questions 🧑 〰️

Soft-launching a project tomorrow, @wigglework, and have a lot of thoughts running through my head so I wrote some down:

Captured the very brief moment when I thought the guac I bought possibly didn’t make it home somehow πŸ“Ή 😱

πŸ›Ž Is your remote company/organization looking to fill *part-time* roles?

Launching something next week to help you find the right people and would love to chat!

Who was I kidding, nothing could have prepared me for this ☹️

Trying to brace myself for the deep disappointment and complete emptiness I will feel once I finish The Crown tonight

@jonibologna I did this a while back. The only reason I switched back is because it was a pain when taking photos/videos of my son for the grandparents.

Interesting read on how grayscale decreased urgency, manipulation, and distraction around smartphone use.

β€œAfter going to grayscale…I feel more in control of my phone, which now looks like a tool rather than a toy.”

Weekend to myself 🎢

βœ… pumpkin pie
βœ… Always Sunny
βœ… illustrations

I could not have been more wrong in using the sun emoji here 😳


Woke up at 4 so I can tackle emails and then work Sunday instead

✨ β˜€οΈ 60 degrees β˜€οΈ ✨ 😭