Friend of mine was randomly applying on Indeed for network engineering jobs.

Recruiter reaches out and says she wants to setup a first interview with a client of hers.

Friend gets on a call, turns out it's a technical interview. He was not aware of that. There are six other people on the call. He hasn't been told who the company is.

They're asking some seriously intense stuff, far beyond what any small business or normal enterprise would ask.

He finally asks who they're from.


After a couple more interviews, he apparently impresses them enough to get an offer. (Which I wouldn't have doubted, he's a rock star.)

And they low ball him. Less than what he's making work as a network architect for a local municipality. So he asks for more.

He doesn't even want to take the job, because... Meta.

Their counter offer is a few thousand more.

Meta. 🙄


@vmstan Gross. Sorry to hear this person went through that. I’ve seen some very smart people that I had previously held in very high regard go to work there, and I can’t help it - my opinion of them drops a few points as a result. It doesn’t change that I think of them as intelligent or capable or erase the accomplishments that led me to respect them in the first place. But it does make me question the process that led them to the new role.

@jonnyborbs the actual position would have been with some contractor, but his initial response to it all was that it all was gross.

And the money they offered was nowhere near enough to justify contributing to the downfall of humanity.

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