O mato já ta crescendo de volta aqui no Mastodon

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3,831,689 accounts
+279 in the last hour
+2,066 in the last day
+14,741 in the last week

Sofrendo pra achar um gerenciador de podcasts decente pro Windows 😔

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Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, Alegre Street, 2015, Bruno Barbey

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Known issues:
The swiping has increased in sensitivity. This is due to a library change, because the old one was deprecated. We're hoping this can be improved in a later release.

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I'm smoking cigarretes in the shower, when they get wet I just light another

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Esse pessoal reclamando que o Mastodon é uma bolha acha que o Twitter é o que? :thaenkin:

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Se o Sérgio Ramos tá triste, eu tô feliz

Alguém sabe se tem como silenciar thread aqui?

The ache and thunder in the storms of your mind
Soak it in, for the rain will pass in time
Nothing wrong in sinking low
You're the omen of paradise
You're the ghost they put aside

But don't forget you're not alone


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