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J贸n R煤nar Helgason @jonrh

@davatron5000 I think it's a fruitless reactionary pursuit by Apple to attempt to bring the Mac Pro back from the dead (in hardware form).

In my opinion Apple should rather focus on making drivers for selected hardware (server motherboards, CPUs, GPUs). If they'd be inclined to make a buck then they could sell special macOS licences. This would give the ultra-pro market the configuration flexibility they've always wanted. Apple approved Pro Hackintoshes in a way.

@adastra It's centered on my screen. It's a bit weird though, it's only centered when in full screen width (2560 pixels), if I resize by just a tiny bit it snaps to the left.

@mxstbr More instances needed I think, lot's of server errors. Considering creating one for Iceland 馃嚠馃嚫

I hope enough devs and tech people migrate here.