I haven’t posted here for ages. Not sure what I want to post here in general tbh. However, today has been superb. Sorting out choir things and then learning to drum with the First Timers group at DIY space London. Totally shattered now but I feel happy. More days like this, please! 😁🥁🌈

I've changed around the words a bit since I first posted this on the birdsite at 3am, or whatever ungodly hour it was... Just a thought I couldn't get out of my head.

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Why can’t I sleep?
Why do I weep?
Why am I still counting sheep in the world,
Why aren’t I curled in the loving embrace
Of a civilisation that faces its evils
And says a clear “No!
Here is a line and beyond is a place
That no one should go”?

transphobia, #choosereality 

Choose fascist ideology
Choose understanding biology at a high school level
Choose criticising gender without understanding it
Choose knowing you’re right without ever doing any research.

Choose throwing other women under the bus
Choose everything that feminism isn’t
Choose reproduction-based gender essentialism
Choose financing your cause with evangelical money
Choose screaming you’re being silenced while spending 50k on ads in the press

Fuck that, I

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Wooo. New bow is totally awesome-pants, I love it. So powerful too. I am having to rebuild my sight so I can move it beyond the top of the default configuration! 🏹💖

I keep pondering the idea of getting my ears pierced. I have no idea how one goes about doing that though. I assume some piercing place, but no idea where's good in London.

I also have no idea whether they'd work on me. My ear lobes aren't vertical, so piercings might look really weird... :/

There are many other things bothering me at the moment, but I'm letting this minor thing distract me right now.

Very tired and struggling a bit today. I've had two causes to report things to the police in the last two weeks and all its done is made me realise how bad things are in London. There aren't enough police (acab, I know, but still...) so nothing ever gets resolved, the kids are most definitely not alright and because there's no police, they don't give a shit, which means that anywhere can turn into a war zone.


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One more auth system that will give you nightmares...

This JavaScript code powers a 1,500 user intranet application.

The longer you look at it the more insane it gets.

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Hello Pals,

I'm looking for a new challenge. I'm looking to go back into a UX and design role, but I'm also into front-end development, so a hybrid role could work too.

I made a ​page describing what I'm looking for: hankchizljaw.io/hire-me

Boosts are very much welcomed, thank you 🙂

I meant to go out today, but ended up staying in to make instead. Very relaxing really. I may do this more often. The only thing I’d do differently is not to trust Paul Hollywood’s recipes again. Too much salt! 🍞

(Not sure I can caption on this client - the pic shows a slightly misshapen granary loaf with a slice cut off)

Yeeesh. I think I’m going to delete the bird site from my phone. There’s this weird addictive quality that frustration and rage have and that’s all I’m noticing keeps me scrolling through it these days. I can do without that.

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Hello Assembled People of European Mastodon! I work at @eff on international copyright. You might have heard of , the EU proposal to require © filters on sharing sites.

We're really worried that this could affect services like ActivePub/Mastodon instances, opening them up to lawsuits or requiring expensive filters.

The key vote is on Wednesday -- please call or write your MEP and ask them to vote against to protect the future of the internet! saveyourinternet.eu/

Do you ever stop and realise that what you’re actually good at is *not* doing a thing?

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Wipe the magnetic strip from your credit card and only use the chip. At the moment I think that's the only way to prevent skimming.


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Help! We need art!

We are planning something, and we would need someone to do some simple illustrations involving humans. By "simple", I mean outlining the body, eyes and mouth. No clothes, no hair, and as gender neutral as possible.

If you are able to do that, please send a couple of samples in DM. Otherwise, boosting this toot or mentioning your artsy friends helps a lot.

#nonbinary #art #help #drawing

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rant on wilw, transphobia 

if you think it’s cool that Eugen is saying it’s bad that wilw got ran off here bc “he didn’t do anything wrong on mastodon”, ask yourself if he’d say the same if a known white supremacist joined + didn’t explicitly say anything racist on here. as a cis dude he’s totally unwilling to acknowledge transphobia as a deadly system of oppression, but rather reduces it to petty interpersonal twitter drama.

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Masto meta, moderation, mh 

This thread on birdsite, from someone who apparently did moderation for LiveJournal, is giving me pause: twitter.com/rahaeli/status/103

I've already seen some disturbing images after doing Masto moderation for a year, but if I had to deal with it day in and day out, I don't know how my brain would handle it.

Merry Monday to me.

I just had to report a (minor, thankfully) hate crime incident on the Overground! Woo! Go me! 😣

(just young people hurling abuse...of course they had to be guys. bleh)

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