@zudn for a given note, you can use an external editor, otherwise if it's for searching a word and replace everywhere, no ^Fo

Our Telegram channel and Discord Channel are now receiving the posts of our discourse forum "News"

I open a discord server as we can't talk to each other on the telegram channel where we are not 200 yet, so give a try to discord.gg/d2HMPwE

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@joplinapp Is an amazing notes taking app. Have been using it for almost a year and it just keeps improving. Cross-platform, open-source, encrypted. 📒

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@joplinapp template notes with date time stamps are part of what might be needed for chat / social within Joplin. Thanks for such a fine tool! :jrbd:

Joplin version1.6.1 comes with many fixes and improvements
The mobile UI changed a bit
Details and download ->

As a matter of fact, telegram subscribers of t.me/joplinapp can't post until the number of members reach 200.
Share the link with your mates to enable posting for everyone ;)

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