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If you're from the local or in that somehow even bigger larger server:

Hello, my name is Jordan. I'm your friend. I don't like Nazis, I think anime is "ok at times", and while I play video games, I hate the term "gamer" because it's a cultivated identity created by corporations in the hopes of getting you to consume more of their half baked products.

I'm single, bisexual, and in my spare time, I like to solve puzzles, do homework help and eat hamburgers.

I also do podcasts and twitch streams.

The new Spiderman game is very good, I like the world building and the voice overs and character design. However, I really don't like the stealth missions and think the combat is a little off, and when you get into Act 3, the game just becomes a bit tiresome.

You want to 100% the game just to hope it makes it go faster.

I think it's alright, best Spiderman game? Absolutely!

But it could be a bit better in terms of not being video gamey as fuck, which takes me out of it completely.

Spider-man is a very good video game. I played it until 4:30am and now I must sleep

I don't know where my heart is at the moment.

What's good today?

I just watched the adventure time final and really did love it.

It reminded me of the epilogue from Justice League unlimited.

I will leave this site for any social media site where I don't have to read 19-year-olds talk about how "men" or "women" are. Holy shit shut up.

Labor Day Weekend just ends up being a cursed weekend for me, sad slumps, bad ideas, I'm going to try and make it good by taking a nap

Typically, the ones that want politics out of something lean centrist or conservative, this is because in doing so, you maintain a status quo that silences any type of progress.

Sleep Deprevation is very yucky, because that means my brain chemicals are also yucked up, which means sad slump is approaching, and I just got a schedule going for everything.

Anyway! I might need to take a break soon from everything. But that's a big night, as I know I can't possibly do that.

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