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If you're from the local or in that somehow even bigger larger server:

Hello, my name is Jordan. I'm your friend. I don't like Nazis, I think anime is "ok at times", and while I play video games, I hate the term "gamer" because it's a cultivated identity created by corporations in the hopes of getting you to consume more of their half baked products.

I'm single, bisexual, and in my spare time, I like to solve puzzles, do homework help and eat hamburgers.

I also do podcasts and twitch streams.

I am going to try and go to sleep again. It is 8am and I'm on 4 hours of sleep

And with these five forbidden words I bring an End to all things.....

"Pod Save America is hopepunk."

I'm pretty sure my niche podcast is not listened by anybody, but people are very supportive and just want to be nice and say they listened to it, because they know my heart is into it, and they don't want to hurt me...

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Sorry I haven't been tooting lately, kind of had to survive a wildfire.

I'm still around. It's 3am and I can't sleep yet, I'm trying though!

The new Spiderman game is very good, I like the world building and the voice overs and character design. However, I really don't like the stealth missions and think the combat is a little off, and when you get into Act 3, the game just becomes a bit tiresome.

You want to 100% the game just to hope it makes it go faster.

I think it's alright, best Spiderman game? Absolutely!

But it could be a bit better in terms of not being video gamey as fuck, which takes me out of it completely.

Spider-man is a very good video game. I played it until 4:30am and now I must sleep

I don't know where my heart is at the moment.

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