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Publishing an independent magazine is hard. It’s time-consuming. It’s expensive. And, without deep-pocketed advertisers, we (that is, my wife and I) rely on the support of our readers to make this thing.


Updated Palm Reader (a tool showing currently active media queries in your browser and device) to show CSS Level 3, 4 (candidate spec) and 5 (draft spec) Media Queries

With iOS12 just around the corner, I've dusted off Tinytype and updated the compatibility table to show the default system fonts on iOS12, Android 9 Pie and Windows Phone 8+ for your digital projects.


I love a nicely-designed, well-written case study on an agency website. And this one is all about the amazing website @jordanmoore designed and built for us at Lagom! dawsonandrews.com/lagom/

Then there are the spaces representing real world locations like School 2 from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (2000). The Leap of Faith gap (in honour of Jamie Thomas) at the beginning of the level is difficult to land early in the game before you have a chance to increase your stats.

It’s also home to 2 secret areas: the first is another nod to a real world location, the second is a very well hidden easter egg that I didn’t find until years later.

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@jordanmoore and of course I have to include Rubacava from Grim Fandango (1998). I have fond memories of being stuck here - and being stuck in an adventure game means spending a lot of time exploring every detail of the environment. I had trouble moving on from this area when it was time to go.

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Writing an article about my favourite virtual spaces in video games. The most recent example is Cap Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey (2017).

It is a level that starts with the end in mind. The part-Danny Elfman/Nutcracker Suite soundtrack pairs perfectly with the old London Town architecture. Cap Kingdom kicks off the game introducing the new gameplay mechanic with sense of wonder in this small, thoughtful space.

Podcasts I’m enjoying in no particular order:

- Likeville
- The Knowledge Project
- Waking Up with Sam Harris
- The JFDI Cast
- Camcast
- The Journal by Kevin Rose
- The Gadget Lab
- Witness
- Intelligence Squared
- The Infinite City

I’m starting to think email should follow snail mail payment models (i.e pay per email).

- Encourages more consideration from the sender in regards to the necessity of the email
- Encourages more respect of people’s time by reducing unnecessary communications
- Reduces spam

I’d also entertain the idea of paywalling my inbox.

Early, unstructured thoughts on Mastodon as a platform:

- Feels like starting a new game over a different save slot
- The generous character limit feels like actual microblogging (Twitter's original purpose?)
- I may explore using it for that purpose, for notes that don't quite fit a full blog post, concepts I'm exploring etc


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