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Rock for Metal and Techno-utopian Edict now fixed for PICO-8 v0.1.12! Which means they won't run correctly on earlier versions anymore, since they depend on time() for sync.

Fixes now live on the PICO-8 BBS, gonna get them on FTP sites and Pouet later.

Noticed this interesting bit in the PICO-8 v0.1.12 changelog:

Added: .wasm exporter (now default when exporting html)

Going to have to test if this means that my demos finally run reliably in browsers! :)

I will be appearing as a guest on next week's episode of Mystery Demoscene Theater 9000! Show airs on Wednesday, at 19:00 WEST / 21:00 EEST, on Twitch and YouTube, among other places.

I don't have a Twitter account and I almost certainly never will, but if I ever give in, it will be so I can create and post tweetcarts. Not only is browsing them a good source of inspiration, I also love the weird tricks you need to use to cram your code in 140 or 280 characters. I had no idea ?"" is a functional shorthand for print("")!

Chip-krautrock! Megadrive tune, intended for the oldskool music competition at Revision 2019. Unfortunately, the compo has a size limit of 32 kilobytes, and to my dismay, the ROM file exported by Deflemask was actually well over 100 kilobytes and I lack the knowledge and understanding required to cram it into the size limit. So, here it is on Soundcloud instead. Enjoy!

Discreant (the band I do vocals for) is proud to announce Community Standards, our first EP, coming out on April 20th as digital download and cassette! Go listen to the preview track, "Dog on a Leash", and preorder the EP at

I broke luamin.

Turns out that if you create a table like i={thing=thing} and then later refer to thing as i["thing"], that confuses the hell out of luamin.

That's after minification, to be precise. Without minification it's several kilobytes over the limit :)

Revision demo now in a state where it's something like 200 bytes over the compressed limit and everything I do shifts that unpredictably either up or down a couple of bytes. I might have to bite the bullet and cut some content.

Rest in peace, Scott Walker. There never was, and there never will be, a voice and a creative mind quite like yours.

Can FromSoftware postpone the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice please, I have a demo I need to finish before Easter

now you can enjoy both "techno-utopian edict" by jumalauta (@jorikemppi, #1 demo at instanssi) and "modern pictures" by dekadence (me) on your iphone!

"modern pictures" by dekadence, my latest iphone demo. 8th place at instanssi 2019

Released a new demo this weekend at Instanssi 2019, called "Techno-utopian Edict". Won first place in the demo compo!

And in case someone wonders why that YouTube link doesn't work, I recently uploaded a new version because the old capture had some sync issues. The new one is here

And of course the cart is available on the BBS as well!

for some reason apple actually allowed my apple watch demo on the store! so uh go ahead and "enjoy"

here's the second world first: the first demo for apple watch!

no chance in hell it's getting on the app store, so here's the github:

Another silly little thing I did, available as p8.png here and also on YouTube at

If you're wondering why the TARDIS is red and what's up with the melody, let's just say it's an inside joke.

Probably the last thing I'll release for a while, I'll start working on some more serious entries for Instanssi and Revision next.

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