brb, making a separate account on yet another rails app

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Someone should start indexing mastodon instances and rate them by performance & uptime

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Local knowledge consists of thousand of little pieces of information that describe the social, cultural and natural environment of an area. For example:
- Geographic information
- Social and cultural events
- Organizations and businesses
- Infrastructure status
We believe that local knowledge needs to be freely available for everyone to use and republish as they wish. Local knowledge needs to be open knowledge.

Imagine thinking there's a wrong way to use a computer

I distinctly remember being 14 years old and posting on the christian equivalent of FidoNet and someone talking about how he was able to listen to modfiles AND read qwkmail on his Amiga at the same time which just totally blew my mind.

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Love it when people over-emphasize the act of using a computer vs. accomplishing a task by using a computer

What? Run my own DNS resolver? Like a caveman?

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Woops, DNS broke, better switch over to

and thus ends my adventure in running a mastodon instance


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