From time to time I check whether there is still nothing from Assück on spotify.
Today I came across the following playlist😂 (It proves that Assück is better than the rest.)

Da hat man sich beim Redesign der Spotify App wohl nicht gerade viel überlegt...

OVERKILL - Last Man Standing.
Cool new song. They don't get any worse with the years.
Nowadays I like blitz‘ vocal-style. Not so in the 80/90ies.

Y a personne qui s'est lancé dans un service de Captcha basé sur des groupes de #Métal ?

Ci dessous un groupe dont il faut deviner le nom ....


MINE - Cease
Cool! Just found their LP on Bandcamp. Lost it some years ago. Although their 7“ were better... One of my fave local bands in the 90‘s.

Soundtrack zum heutigen Komsumtag. CH- Kult-Klassiker aus 1978.

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