GRINDCORE ÜBER ALLES - A Blast Beat Tribute to Dead Kennedys 2019

International Grindcore/Powerviolence/Deathgrind Tribute to one of the most influential bands in the history of Punk: DEAD KENNEDYS
The Hills Are Dead - Records, 2019.

#grindcore #powerviolence #tribute #DeadKennedys

LA FRACTION - Allez (1998)
Discovered them some days ago on a dvd-compilation (doom & distortion, MS Stubnitz). Better late than never.

buying digital music...
has anyone had any experience with ?
Is this a reasonable alternative if something is not available on (and sold out on cd/vinyl)? are there better alternatives?

I still have this souvenir from our bouldering trip to Fontainebleau, ~ 4 years ago.
In a pub, a French guy tried to explain French politics to us on this coaster...
Don't tell me you don't get it!

"Ich muss mich mehr auf Mastodon aufhalten als uf Twitter" sollte ich mir öfters sagen und auch einhalten... 😅 In diesem Sinne: TRÖT!!! 🐘

Wer von Euch nutzt eigentlich wirklich? Kommt mir so vor als wäre das eine kaum genutzte Totgeburt.

FLESHWORLD - An Ontologist's Nightmare
From the album The Essence Has Changed, but the Details Remain
Post-blabla, blackened blabla

Überwachung in der Migros: Der orange grosse Bruder

Mehr als 28 Milliarden Franken hat die Migros im vergangenen Jahr in diversen Geschäftsbereichen umgesetzt. Ihre Grösse verschafft ihr nicht nur viel Marktmacht – sondern auch eine unheimliche Fülle an Daten. Ein Überblick.

There's also a cool coverversion.
(Überraschenderweise schneller, obwohls von Bern kommt....)

VIOLATION WOUND - After the Riot
Chris Reiffert from Autopsy doing . Sounds cool.
I definitively have to check out their record.

just discovered a cool feature on when I search for information about a metal band: Enter "!maband" followed by the band name. You will get the search result on Metal Archives right away.

there was a time when these records were very important for me.
and... gorilla biscuits are going to play live here next week! together with agnostic front
never seen both of them.

CARCASS - Malignant Defecation

For a long time, I only knew the first 58 seconds of this song, because my CD was damaged at this point.
Years later I got to know the rest of the song on the vinyl-version.
Today I am still surprised every time I listen to it, when it continues at this point and I don't hear the expected digital sound fragments...
Still love it, especially the "holterdipolter"-drums.

If you play in a band have a damn account. No matter how good your stuff is I will not go & create a spotify account for this. I want to pay YOU money for your - and I really love to have some FLAC files from you instead of some streamed bullshIt. I want to know that a real part of what I pay actually reaches YOU, the , not just another "service" that will you pay a few cent because they get rich of your work. Give people the opportunity to support YOU, don't spotify.

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