@pixelfed And on a smaller mobile phone, say, an iPhone SE?

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Alors là, je dois dire que je suis admiratif de l'inventivité des manifestants de Hong Kong.

Réseaux sociaux surveillés ?
Ils communiquent avec Tinder et PokémonGo.

J'avais aussi lu qu'ils mettent des piles de vêtements en libre service pour permettre aux manifestants de se changer et ainsi éviter la reconnaissance.


@cj Came to think of this convo when the Github sanctions happened. Another case for federation.

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*hits vape* what about a meta union app that organizes gig economy workers across all platforms and allows them to democratically make demands and strike

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Elon Musk: Within 2 years I will create seamless holograms of Chris Farley engaging in hand to hand combat with John Belushi

Me: This doesn't seem all that valuable

Elon Musk Fans: At least he's doing *something*, what are you adding to the world?

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Dear Mastofriends,
do you have good examples of "lowtech" websites?

Using less assets/fonts/energy, but still being nicely usable and with cool aesthetics...

And yes, I already know solar.lowtechmagazine.com, this is one of the best examples... :)

Hugs and kisses for your suggestions and boosts!


@Are0h For instance, according to some fedizen (is that a word?) the ultimate goal was to "provide freedom" in the sense tha everyone should be able to do or say anything on the internet. As I disagree with the libertarian project I'm just curious to get to know other take on this question. For example I'd like to build tools that bridges cyber space and meat space of local communities, build for resource sharing etc.

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People talk like blocking fascists automatically turns any space into an "echo chamber". The fediverse we've built up over the years is proof of the contrary. I've learned and grown through this place. I've been able to apply that knowledge in real life. We've got something real here, and I think it's with fighting to preserve.
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@Are0h Agreed! But, the purpose to ”help people” is key here. Help people do what? Both intermediary and ultimately. I’m curious to get your take on this question.

@felix @sean Got burned by YunoHost once, moved to Cloudron and now spend time on more fun things. Just a suggestion.

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@rain The year is 2030. Your secure connection to your newspaper's ad server is resolved by dns tunnelled over https, itself tunneled over json, tunnelled over https. If the 17 MitM didn't catch what you were reading, the malware in your smart mouse is sure to do so.

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Reminder that not only are Electron apps slow, but they also rely on proprietary software (portions of the chromium codebase). Atom, VSCodium, Riot "Desktop", are all guilty of this. All of them ping home to Google because of this.

Also related: There is nothing cross platform or native about releasing your web app in a little Google Chrome window. Frankly, that's just a deceptive claim. If it can be locally run in a browser, release it that way so the user can use their own browser.

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