Today I drank an expensive milkshake. Had a talk with the waiter, who was also Spanish. He can afford living on his own and has decent working conditions, unlike in Spain.

That's what happens when you pay a fair price.

Conversely, when you don't, someone always pays the difference somehow.

In Spain it used to be mandatory to send a copy of your national ID for any paperwork you needed from the public administration.

Nowadays it is apparently not required, but it has become customary to ask for it even though it can be used to impersonate you.

Aren't NFTs an attempt to add capitalism to a place where there used to be none - or at least not directly?

Believe it or not, there are people who think that speculation is good.

Anyone in the room is into Eurovision? This year a lot of songs fall in the "sad" theme, but there are some great songs worth listening to.

Back from yet another unplanned hiatus in social media.

I guess I am not the only one, but it is slightly frustrating: wake up, tons of ideas, want to try and do 1000s of things, then work, then want to do nothing.

One about for people in the software development industry: do you think that the fact that we are spinning and destroying VMs to do virtually anything is bad for the environment?

@carbontwelve Please add me to Digital Rights, Expat in Europe, Free Software, Privacy, Spain, Video Games.

Anyone knows why Outlook is sending email from an IP outside of their IP space?

Then my server rejects it due to SPF fail. It only happens with some accounts, though. Maybe they are blocking outgoing email to those accounts...? But why actually try to send an allow SPF failure...?

Hace unas semanas creé, un sitio web sobre privacidad, derechos digitales y desarrollo de software.

Es un proyecto más o menos abierto con el que cualquiera puede colaborar.

Voy avanzando en mi tiempo libre tras el trabajo y aún queda mucho por recorrer, pero ya tenemos "algo" 🙂

As bugs are very bad for business, I can assure you that I strive for bug-free code, hence there is not need to test it or do QA at all.

@privacyworldwide It's going to be interesting to follow your next steps. I have started a group with similar interest (privacy, rights, amongst others) for the Spanish audience:

Big companies, those that are that big that it is not feasible for them to actually support all of their customers. I love them /s /lu

Trying to contact someone, preferably via email, at Outlook support because apparently they are blocking OUTBOUND email to my server.

For those of us who have a relatively long name, what is your suggestion for a personal email address?

- spongebob@spongebob.tld

But what about...?
- hi@spongebob.tld
- me@spongebob.tld
- bob@spongebob.tld

Anyone has any insight?

I still remember when UTF-8 was starting to be a thing among Spanish websites, which used ISO-8859-1 (or -15) for the most part.

It was a tough transition that made lots of websites replace accents in letters (such as á or é) with weird characters (such as a rhonbus with an interrogation inside that looked like <?>).

And then all those websites made using PHP with whitespaces after the ?> that resulted in "Headers already sent".

First world problems...

I almost cannot believe that my new email server truly delivers to Gmail and Outlook.

Unlike with my old one at DigitalOcean, its IP is not in any blocklist and I could see that the provider is actively monitoring the presence of their IP ranges in black lists. Great!

España es el único país en el que el que dimite es el que señala la corrupción

If compound interest is the eighth wonder, I vote asymmetric encryption as the ninth.

Se me hace muy difícil entender cómo es posible que la corrupción no le pase factura al Partido Popular.

No todos tenemos que estar igual de informados y desde luego no es una cuestión de si estoy más o menos de acuerdo con sus ideas, pero no soy capaz de empatizar con quien es conocedor y aún así les premia con su voto.

El mal que le hace a España tener a unos políticos así desde mi punto de vista es incalculable. Deberíamos haber borrado del mapa a ese partido hace 10 años.

And then here I am again, like in "nothing interesting today, will toot tomorrow".

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