Testing cross posting from micro.blog to my Twitter and Mastodon accounts.

@chris now that I'm using a phone app I'm finding Mastodon a lot friendlier to use. How difficult was it to set up your own server?

Where was I when this song was new? I really enjoy this track. Contact High by Architecture in Helsinki. vimeo.com/20623647

If anyone is looking for a good Mastodon app for Android Libem Social can handle multiple accounts and feels very responsive and we'll designed.


created a librem.one account but upon log-in there wasn't a local or federated timeline available 😕

+ poll/survey asking me why I closed my account... as if they don't know.

Damn 27.9GB feels like it's taking forever new XCOM2 DLC Tactical Legacy Pack

We looked at -CLI for at the Advanced Inland Empire WordPress Meetup tonight. Here's what it looked like in a few gifs.

@xmetal you make a good point about "Minds" as a platform. They're in it to generate income through boosts. Naturally that's what gets seen. Diaspora and Mastadon at least have ignore block integrated pretty well... They're also GPL

(just blocked my first catfishing account here btw.)

@xmetal you mentioned the random timeline earlier. Unfollow the two auto-followed accounts.
Then click on the Home column, that will only display actual people you follow.

Perhaps G+ shutting down was the best thing to happen, it's forced me to revisit Mastadon and Diaspora after at least a year.

I mean, both have chronological timelines and are GPL :D

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