@david so true. I've gone as far as self hosting fonts just to avoid 3rd party tracking on my personal projects.

It's all just so messy.

@boogah I got a neighbor with a Harley Davidson who apparently goes to work around 4am. Not a fan since its usally parked below my bedroom window.

@david @wolfpede last year I started placing stickers on my laptop but only for events I've attended and accomplishments. I'm a way its becoming a visual journal of things I've done since buying it.

@boogah our dog did that to my wife. Completely ignore her until I left for work then follow her around the entire say.

@david by online did you mean RocketBook? It's good and flexible, I do use one of their Fusion books from time to time.

@boogah when BuzzFeed started asking which decade I'd like to live in and 4 of the choices I had... I knew I was in trouble. 😀

@david the RocketBook transcription works pretty well... I'm not sure I enjoy the writing experience. It's a bit too slick for my taste. I'm still testing it out. 😉

@david I haven't tried anything online that can replace my a good A5 notebook, yet. Using two Field Notes comes close but then I end up with a dozen laying around and their two small for long form writing. Everything seems to be a trade-off one way or another. 😕

@david yeah, that happens to a lot of people. I stick to rapid logging and don't get creative to keep it quick. 😀

@david I spent all yesterday trying out the RocketBook Fusion... I'm trying to decide if I want to go digital with my Bullet Journal this year.


Testing cross posting from micro.blog to my Twitter and Mastodon accounts.

@david you have to in this industry. Otherwise people walk all over us.

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