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There is an ICE protest starting at the ICE office Downtown #LosAngeles: 300 N Los Angeles St. "occupy style"

Anyone heading there, let me know what you find and what resources are needed.

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I'm googling ofc but I'm also curious if anyone has advice/resources for helping a friend who has OCD

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hi I have an anti-ICE shirt for sale in my shop, and I can donate any profit to whatever anti-ICE charity you want, I'll send you the receipt


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You ever see an old picture of yourself and you want to kick your own ass?

ginny is still in need of support for things like: food ๐ŸŽ, bills ๐Ÿ’ธ, & medication :inhaler:

check out her patreon for things she's currently working on, & give a small monthly pledge if you can:

she also has a shop you can get cute anti-facist catwear & cool coffee mugs:

ginny is a very great human, & also a very great resource to any social media site given her expertise in online harassment.

please support &/or boost!

GOG is looking for a Technical Project Manager!

And I'm like "I'd love to do this kind of job, if I wasn't so broken", but maybe some other fantastic person in the Fediverse could get this job, because it's right up their lane!!

#ProjectManager #Jobs

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