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Joseph "year of doggo" España

TFW you learn Serena Williams watches Avatar: The Last Airbender and your worlds collide

Saga Volume 8 is great but hits me in the feels so hard. Had me crying halfway in

Imposter syndrome is when you get a great performance review and still feel inadequate when you read over your old job description

RE: Uber

TFW corporations are people when it comes to tax breaks but not when it comes to actual consequences.

Any normal person would be facing manslaughter for this but instead Uber will probably just get a fine

I meant to bring one of my comic books to read at lunch and just now realized I forgot it at home 😭

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TIL that some ppl never get headaches and I get them constantly. I'm envious 😭

Ppl who don't ever get headaches are the cops

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You should never work for free if you can. That being said it's also ok to design for fun.

It's National Sleeping Day? Why the hell am I awake then?