I am having a total brain fart day. I am feeling in an absolute fug and I just cannot seem to settle my brain on anything at all. It's very frustrating if I'm honest

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@regal Do you know, I haven't had a cup today. I actually rarely drink coffee at home, pretty much only when I'm out of the house. Doubt it'd help though. I think I just need an actual day of rest if I'm honest

@josephglass I feel that! Coffee tastes much better out and about anyways. When I have days like yours, I usually end up watching Polygon vids on YouTube and playing PUBG or something. Just pure, shameless, relaxation and non-productivity...It’s hard to settle down, but man sometimes your brain just needs it

@regal Yeah, think that's where I'm at. There's so much on my mind, I have a heavy 2018 ahead that is fast approaching, and there's so much to do. But at the same time, I'm not doing myself any favours by letting myself get swamped by it all. I need to maybe take a step back, if just for a day.

And I still need my first Holiday Season coffee this year, yo! I need it!

@josephglass heck yes!! I might be a Seattle coffee snob but Peppermint Mocha is lyyyfe. Beat 2018 to the punch with SUGAR and HOLIDAY CHEER!!!

@AndyBennett Yeah, I know. It's just happening a lot lately. Often does this time of year for me, sadly. But hey, I also have spent the entire day wrapped in a blanket, so I can't complain lol

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