Watching the Flash, and Dibny/Elongated Man has got his first superhero suit. It's basically a grey lycra onesie. It's, errrrm, a bit revealing when he walked into shot :S

Dibny is great, though. He's brought back some of the humour that's been leaking away from that show. The scenes where the Flash is making his speeches to the bad guys and Dibny is standing next to him readjusting the crotch of his suit is hilarious.

@Comiccruncher oh totally. As a whole this season has brought humour back and been much better, but a big part of that has been the addition of Dibny for sure

Odd choice to introduce the Elongated Man instead of Plastic Man, but there's probably a logic somewhere (e.g. CGI costs). And I'm sure he'll have a snazzier costume soon.

@Comiccruncher I'm guessing at some point they are going to introduce Sue

If they do I hope they treat her more kindly than they did in Identity Crisis.

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