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Well, time for another Kickstarter campaign, as it's about time I had some new Pride stories come out!

This campaign is for The Pride Adventures #5, the first collection of brand new stories since the end of volume one, plus we have an incredible guest writer in the form of Sina Grace!

You can support now here:

Please share and support!

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Hi all!

Just a little reminder that I’m running a Kickstarter atm for The Pride, in particular to produce this cute new enamel pin of our superhero, Muscle Mary!

You can support for one of the pins, or even digital comics or the Hardcover collection of the entirety of The Pride’s first volume of stories.

Support on Kickstarter at

I’ve started a Kickstarter Make 100 project!

It’s to make a limited edition 100 piece run of this cute AF pin design by Héctor Barros of The Pride tank and powerhouse, Muscle Mary!

You can support here:

It’s limited edition as I say, so back now to make sure you get one of these gorgeous pins, y’all!

I haven't popped on here in a while, and now there's a cartoon Mammoth on here.

Anyway, I've been super creative and hardworking for 2018 so far, so I have currently written 40 pages of comics this year.

Merry Christmas, Mastodon crowd!

Yes, it is weird for me to say a man’s name and be excited that they are NOT naked, but this time, Oliver is a cat

Quite a jazzy little look for him too

@olliegerlach Yeeeeeeesh! My script was essentially for a two-hour long movie, so it was fairly hefty, but it made for a pleasant change from essays

@olliegerlach That is less scary. To be fair, my Masters involved me writing one full motion picture script tbh

@olliegerlach You've written four essays in one day?!

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Reminder- my commissions are open still! £30 character headshots, perfect for Dungeons and Dragons characters, LARP characters, and OCs! Send me an email or message me on social media!
#creativetoots #mastoart #commissions #ukartists #dungeonsanddragons #larp #ocs #supportartists

@micahdraws Thank you. I think the trouble is I'm selling mainly to an audience that already has it...I need to get the book into the minds of new audiences

@micahdraws Eh, I hope so, but I doubt it. I don't sell much outside of comic conventions these days, which is a shame.

Welp, much like Cardiff High Street stores, the Black Friday sale did NOTHING on The Pride store today. Guess Black Friday is just not a thing for the UK anymore

Still, had hoped for some US sales...

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Did someone say 20% off across almost all items in my store? Because it's happening! Don't go out to the supermarket crush- BUY ART!… <-- PRETTIES NOW AVAILABLE
#blackfriday #art #illustration #indieartist #sale #etsy #prints #originalart #creativetoots #mastoart #ukartists

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