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A very handsome comedian and actor who follows me at The Bad Place just said lovely things about my comic and now I'm blushing so much

Are there any writers here who use Patreon? I'm up for suggestions on how best to utilise the platform as a writer

I am having a total brain fart day. I am feeling in an absolute fug and I just cannot seem to settle my brain on anything at all. It's very frustrating if I'm honest

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It’s #AlanMoore ’s birthday! Celebrate by reading this recent interview Daily Grail did with the great man, discussing science, imagination, language and #spiritsofplace:

I saw Justice League last night. I'm still amazed, and so happy, that I actually really enjoyed it.

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I am still not getting the hang of instances lol

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Doh! Forgot the hashtag!
Quick pimp: in my independent comics time, I co-write and draw the #webcomic, BREAKS. Updates every Monday. If you like a bit of drama, mystery and romance, check it out ^_^

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Hey Guys, I'm Andy Bennett a London based Illustrator who likes to draw street fashion and bois. Talk to me about DnD, concept art & sad music.


I could really use getting some good holiday season sales on The Pride, comics and the hardcover... anyone got any suggestions on boosting sales? Would be much appreciated :D

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If anyone stopped paying attention to twitter, which I doubt - Berganza is officially gone.

Far too late, and should have happened years ago, but now at least he is done at DC

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So hey, now everyone has been coming over to Mastodon, here's some shameless self-promotion!

I write a comic called The Pride, all about a team of all + superheroes, and you can get it on ComiXology and Amazon, and in print at

Also, you can follow on Facebook on

There's be loads more new comics in 2018 as well, so get in now! A perfect gift for Christmas, jus' sayin'! :P

Hmm another handy thing here...the notification pop ups on my computer linger around a while, so I don't miss them

So hello all! I am giving this place a try. I am told it contains none of the kind of folk making twitter a hellish place to be, so hopefully will all go well :)


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