Sinus/ear infections are terrible, man. I was prescribed antibiotics (amoxicillin) and tomorrow is my last dosage - but I still feel like crap!

This article is bullshit because it believes that there will be such a thing as "cheap transport" with self-driving cars.

It is now illegal in Pennsylvania to donate a book to someone incarcerated.

Instead, books must be purchased as ebooks through prison profiteer GTL or ordered through the DOC

This is an attack on gift economies and free speech/culture while expanding the surveillance capitalist, carceral state.


Check out my latest article on The Scum Gentry Journal for Alternative Arts. I wrote it about a month ago, and it just so happened to be put up today. I think you'd enjoy, @seanmunger!

"Ad hominem, esquire: Professional unprofessionalism in today’s methods of online interaction and the sociopolitical echo chamber of social media"

Since people here don't understand the social construct of political affiliations, ingrouping, and bigotry, here's an article I wrote in January 2017.

Nazi Punching and Dirty, Old Fascism

@Gargron Also - basic sociology - when too many categories are created, those categories become worthless. The overuse of content warnings on this site break the overall flow of the timelines and creates a terrible situation where "if everything is content warning'd, then nothing is content warning'd at all."

@Gargron To summarize, the site has evolved from a good-natured alternative into a "you're either with us or fuck you" social club that seems to exist solely to make fun of those who don't agree, constantly bring up "the problems" with "birdsite", and circlejerk pointless information for the rip-off "toots" that rarely exist as the site is split off into different sub-communities that do not seem to interact - yet all serve the same purpose.

@Gargron The Wil Wheaton drama coupled with the hoards of John McCain "shitposting" (honestly some of the rudest messages I've ever seen on social media) really turned me off from the so-called good qualities this website offered. Corporatized Twitter sucks, but mob-fueled digitized verbal lynching is not a proper or coherent rival. Maybe social media in general needs revitalization and not half-hearted attempts at becoming the "next big thing" in the short attention span of the internet.

Not really understanding Mastodon at this point. It claimed to be anti-harassment, yet I've seen some horrifying messages about McCain and his family since he died. It claimed to be an alternative to Twitter, yet every damn message I see on the timelines say "birdsite" (why mention what you're supposedly trying to get away from?). I really don't see purpose of the site if its foundation is compromised/contradicted by its general users. @Gargron

Nestle says slavery reporting requirements could cost customers.

How about we all boycott Nestlé forever instead? As a multi-billion dollar company, threatening to raise profit-margins in order to combat the modern slavery they've initiated is disgusting and unethical.

When asked for evidence for either argument on the topic of another world, we (to a certain extent) must admit to ourselves that there is none. Here it is, the anthropology of dying peoples. debacle

We're certain to see an influx of "video games cause violence" in mainstream media after what happened at the Madden Tournament Shooting in Jacksonville, FL.

Don't let that distract from the real culprit: poor mental health in the United States.

Man's best friend is turning into a trafficker's worst nightmare. More than 18,000kg of ivory was seized at the port between 2009 and 2014.

Happy Sunday! Remember that it's all about perspective!

(credit to k5fuwa on Instagram)

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