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Huh. There's a company that's making a new programmable scientific calculator. The software is CC-licensed and it's programmable in Python.

Their repo is here:

It's CC non-commercial rather than FOSS, but that's still way better than anyone else.

(Hey @natecull and @ajroach42; is this your sort of thing?)

alright fancy pantses, where should I get a funny domain name for, I don't know, a dollar

@joshg I have three accounts on different instances, all named joshg, and the only way I can see the difference between them in twidere is via profile pics

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Verdict so far on using twidere to scan both birbsite and Mastodon accounts: does the job, would be nice if it were more obvious which posts come from which account, language in the UI uses only birbsite language which is meh

RT from birb @mtrc: 💜 What's your favourite generative artwork/software/game? What makes it great?
🤖 Do you know any weird or complex algorithms or techniques? Explain them to us!
🕰 Got a cool story about the history of generative software/art? Tell us about it!
🌱 🌱

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"what is it like to be perfectly perpendicular to the surface you're on"
"oh, pretty normal"

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At the top of everyone's computer security threat models should be:

1. Silicon Valley is run by a clique of unaccountable billionaires at least some of whom are actual Nazis, or at least Nazi-curious and find Nazis sympathetic and interesting and worth hearing out because they have important and fun ideas

2. The United States Government, as of 2017, is run by people who are actual Nazis and also Russian Mafia

Yet very few Silicon Valley Best Practices seem to take #1 into account

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New Horizons and Voyager 1 data seems to indicate that there is some kind of hydrogen wall at the edge of the solar system. That’s...super weird??

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indie dev resource 

Do you like a PICO-8? Of course, we all do!

Then you should this:

classic RT @skywise: The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of tautology club.

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but seriously it's stupid-hot outside and I'm not about to go do real work today

I could work on school stuff, or
I could work on a Unity platformer for my kids, or
I could clear out my Inbox of trash from the last two years, or
I could go see if I've missed anything cool on Mastodon, or

uh I'm running out of procrastinations y'all

hey what it's been six months and I'm back except now I'm posting something to instead of my other account

how's life

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Welp due to wanting to support only anti-Nazi, anti-misogyny Masto, I'm mostly posting here on instead of; but if you hate bouncing after my instance migrations just wait a while, I'll probably run my own personal masto instance in a few weeks.

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you totally saw this comic already today 

you guys robots are going to replace every job

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Okay so I'm gonna mostly post from this account for now, but I'll boost from my .social account if it's important and not just a shitpost

so, uh


we'll see how this goes

@chr Keeping an eye on the registration time later today ... how long is that going to be open for?

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