That is why I was focusing on #Quicksy. Those who don't want to think federation can see it as just like a centralized service and not bother about federation. But still others get benefitted by federation as they are not forced to use #Quicksy and can use any #xmpp service. There is absolutely no difference between Quicksy and Signal on boarding experience. Install app, enter you phone number, start talking to your contacts. How hard that it?

I was talking about user experience. For lack of client, we can just create it. Sustainability requires us to think long term and build things, not just choose from what is available today.


@praveen sure, but ios users are still users. the boarding experience for ios users is non-existent, so the point you raised about inconvenience stands. recommendations naturally go towards signal and telegram and will continue to be the case until a client is built.

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Indeed there are two types of people, who want to create solutions based on principles and those who just want to choose from what is available. We need to convince people to choose the first option. And only when people care enough strongly, such solution get created. I don't mind asking people to choose less convenient solutions right now if it leads to better solutions long term.

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